Princess Zelda – Rule 34

Helllooooo and welcome to yet another rule 34 post. Last week there was a clash of the royals with our queen themed rule 34 vote on Twitter and Queen Elsa reigned supreme!  This week we featured yet another royal rumble but this time it was all about those sweet darling princesses. Wait? Did we say sweet and darling? Nah… Our winner is anything but sweet. She may be the darling of Hyrule but she’s a bonafide badass! It’s Princess Zelda!

It’s time to open the chest but this chest isn’t full heart pieces, rupees, arrows or any of those other mundane items Link seems to love collecting. This chest is full of lewd images of Princess Zelda. We hope you enjoy them and please remember to check out all of the artists via the links below the illustrations and remember to support them by following them or joining their Patreon pages! 


Artist: Jay-Marvel


Artist: AkaZai


Artist: satou shouji


Artist: chaosScizorSword


Artist: QueenZelda


Artist: SefuArt


Artist: Sismicious


Artist: Raven-igma


Artist: Akairiot


Artist: RBG


Artist: Lilith Fetish


Artist: Slugbox


That’s all we have for this rule 34! Tomorrow is our one year anniversary (YAY!) and to celebrate we are bringing back the four most popular rule 34 girls for a vote off to see who will be the first repeat! Don’t worry! The part 2 article of our first best of the best babe will include all new art not included in the previous post! Vote via Twitter below: 

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