It’s An XMAS Miracle – Yuki-Chan Gets Sexy!

This is the story of a shy bookish girl… so obviously I totally relate! 

Yuki-chan has a major crush on a professor named Kyon. Her best friend/neighbor, Ryoko, tries to help her snag her crush while also trying to save their literary club. The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan is a slice of life type anime with a ton of romance! It’s not anywhere near a hentai or ecchi but this Yuki fig is sexy AF! 

The Yuki Nagato Bunny Ver. 1/4 B-STYLE Figure Bunny Ver. is a sexy version of the Christmas outfit Yuki wears in episode 2 Joy to the World

As you can see in this figure her outfit is WAY more sexy than the one in the show. She’s so painfully shy so I doubt she would actually wear this…. Unless Kyon asked her to privately that is! Nah… She’s still be too shy! 

One thing I REALLY like about this figure is how the movement is designed into the fabric. You can see the fabric pulling on her ample breasts and wrinkle around her skirt. 

The one thing I dislike about this figure is the seam in her skirt. If it were a removable skirt that seam would make sense but I can find no evidence that the skirt is removable at all. For a $240 figure I expect a little more to be honest…

Another thing I really like about this figure is the real fishnet stockings! Fabric gives a PVC figure such a nice little accent. This figure is produced by FREEing and sold by Good Smile Company. 



FREEing has a whole line of bunny versions of characters! You can check them all out here OR scroll through the gallery above by clicking or tapping on the image! They have done characters from KonoSuba, Gurren Lagann and more! I really love how FREEing creates bunny versions of characters of all shapes and sizes (and cup sizes) and they don’t always go after the obviously sexy characters. Sometimes they choose the shy ones like Yuki here! 

She doesn’t always have to hide behind those cute glasses of her though! They are totally removable! 

Want this Yuki-chan figure? You can pre-order it on J-List now! 

You can watch The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan on Funimation! 

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