Yoko – Rule 34

Things got pretty hot during our last vote but Yoko from Gurren Lagann hit the ground running and didn’t stop! This article will focus on Yoko *spoilers ahead* after the time skip! Make sure to check out the links below each image and follow all the artists because they are insanely talented!

Artist: Axsens


Artist: みなかみ


Artist: Sexgazer



Artist: Naavs


Artist: Svoidist


Artist: 酒たぬき


Artist: Aaaninja


Artist: スウィッチ01


Artist: DarkArtsKai


Artist: 偽くろ


With the new Pokémon announcement we thought it would be fun to have a battle of the beauties with some of our favorite ladies from the series. You won’t need a pokéball to collect these nudes! Vote on your favorite below: 

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