Witchcraft – Manga Review

Back at Anime Expo 2017 I heavily took advantage of the Project-H sale! I mean… the hentai was such an amazing deal how could I not?! When picking hentai I’ve never heard of I’m not going to lie… I do pick a porno by it’s cover. The Witchcraft cover features a mystical woman with long purple hair and yeah… I was all about that! 


The details: 

Form: Paperback or digital 

Censorship: None! Wh00t!

Pages: 224 

Release date: 1/12/2015


The Witchcraft story revolves around a young man named Kaoru who is kind of a wimp but has a seriously huge dick. (It’s hentai… almost every dude has a giant package tbh.) One day when a group of guys are about to kick his ass he runs into a fortune teller’s shop. He then meets a magical woman named Kyoko who hypnotizes him to not only become a sex manic but also stand up to bullies. As the story goes on we meet a tsundere, an idol, members of the mafia and a crazed witch futa. 

While the plot of the hentai seems like many harem titles it definitely isn’t! Kaoru is a sensitive dude and only has real feelings for one of the girls (you will have to read it to find out who!) and they go on a crazy adventure just to discover their love for each other. The magical elements add a real twist and they get more hardcore as you advance further in the manga which makes it more and more interesting. 

Most of the manga is in black and white except for a few pages which are in color in the middle of the manga. I like when they add the color pages because it brings more life to the characters. Also… I totally imagined the character Alice would have green hair and she totally did! *snicker* The image above is censored but when you buy the actual manga (at least from Project-H anyway) it is totally uncensored! 

Some of the things included in this manga are blow jobs, rough sex, anal, futa, humiliation, and a magical growing dick so there is a little bit of everything for everyone! Well… unless you’re into yuri… there is no girl-on-girl action here! 

I highly recommend Witchcraft! There is a digital version online but it looks like they are out of the physical copy. The book comes in a dust cover and is super high quality so if you can find it, it’s worth a buy! 

Want to reach Witchcraft? It can be purchased digitally on Project-H!



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