Wife Lies – Hentai Manga Review

The fantasy of having an affair is a dark temptress to those in a committed relationship, and it’s plagued Keiichi for quite some time. Welcome to Wife Lies, by Tomohiro Kai!

Keiichi’s sex life has been a little vanilla recently – despite having an active sex life, his wife Youko is still a little shy in bed. This has seeded a dark desire to spice up his sex life, and it’s manifested in the form of wanting to watch his wife have an affair with someone else! Naturally, the thought of someone else being with his wife makes him burn with anger, though, so he turns to their friend to help them out with a little hypnotism! He wakes up later to a text from his wife acting like she’s having an affair with him, and it results in a night to remember! Youko has a whole different air to her, acting lewd and dirty for him while they fuck all night long! By the end of it, it turns out Youko wasn’t hypnotized at all! She just needed a little help to open up to her husband about how lewd she really is.

This hentai was a blast from the start to finish. The story takes something that’s normally a horrible thing and adds a happy wholesome layer to it. The art in this manga is gorgeous, with special attention paid to all sorts of bodily fluids when they have sex! Youko’s breasts are an eye-catcher and she’s the spitting image of someone who appears happy and pure, but is hiding a sex demon behind that facade! Tomohiro Kai sure loves to add hearts to Youko’s dialogue, but rather than detracting from the experience with over-use, all of the hearts she uses really helps imagine her voice as someone with a ton of love for her husband.

Wife Lies is a great read and I definitely recommend it to anyone with a Fakku subscription! Heck, if you don’t subscribe to Fakku, you totally should because you can read it right here right now! 

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