Wick & Skull – Candle Review

OK. I know what you’re thinking. Candles? On a hentai site? You have to be some shill.

Nope! I bought these with my own money and this is not a sponsored post. I am just a simple woman. I see oppai and I obbuy! (You may have seen us discussing this in the HHQ Discord earlier and got spoilers of my love lol)

Wick & Skull is a candle company that makes candles for gamers but… they also make some serious waifu candles. They have a wide selection of candles with hotties and I got three and can’t wait to get even more!

Buying experience

I ordered three candles on a Saturday 2/26 and received them Monday the 28th so the shipping was SUPER fast! There is a warning on their site about how their shipping may be delayed due to popularity but I experienced super quick shipping. I should also note that they are located in California and so am I.

They came in this badass chest box:

They were packaged nice and safely with crunched paper stuffing (better for the environment than packing peanuts!) The package included the three candles I ordered, three matching stickers, and an instruction card.

If you’re new to candles, you will want to grab a wick trimmer. When they get a little mushroom head you want to trim that off to stop the candle from producing black smoke. Here is the one I use.

Each of the candles I got were $19.99 each USD but they have other sizes and containers available that are different prices. They also have a subscription plan called The Candle Cult where you can get 1 – 3 random candles a month (depending on the plan you buy) if you like to live life on the wild side!

I started burning the Bowsette one first because cinnamon in winter is my absolute favorite scent/season combo! I drew a nice bath and relaxed to such a yummy smell!

They are a parasoy combo candle which is my favorite kind of wax. In my opinion it burns nicer… but not sure if that is scientifically proven or anything lol… They use oils for the smells and the smells are a nice level. Not too strong but scent up a room nicely. The candles I got have about 35 hours of burn time but of course their different sizes may have different lengths.

They have more than just waifus, they also have other game themed candles and here are just a few:

If you want a way to incorporate anime hotties into your everyday life while also making your home or office smell amazing, these are great! Visit Wick & Skull to check out all their offerings!

Now… how do we convince them to do an Umi candle? She is ready and willing to grace a candle with her beauty!

Did you get one of their candles? Let us know on Twitter!

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