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Welcome back to another edition of Hentai Trending! This is the article series where we get down and dirty with data and find out where all of the perverts are lurking. Every article we take a look at a new hentai term and see who’s searching for it the most around the world.

This week we have a very appetizing article for you to enjoy!

Artist: ノノリリン

This fetish isn’t for everyone, but there are plenty of people who get off on it around the world. Imagine being restrained, trapped, swallowed, and eaten alive… is this doing anything for you?

If so, you might be one of the hentai lovers looking for voraphilia, or vore, around the world! Vore comes in many flavors and varieties, but common theme between all of them is the fantasy of being consumed alive, or consuming someone else alive.

If you look for vore, you might come across something like this…

Artist: 小林カリン

Or maybe you’re more into being eaten by a giantess?

Artist: Karbo

Maybe you’re more into monsters?

Artist: 57mm

Whatever the flavor, vore is definitely trending around the world. Let’s take a look at where the vore hotspots are!

Vore is over twice as popular in the Philippines as it is in every other country! They must have quite the appetite in the Pacific Islands. From there, Austria, the Netherlands, Canada, and Hungary are all hungry for more vore, forming the top 5 vore trending countries.

Artist: WildMeatS

The USA was so close to making it to the top 5! It ranked #6 in vore searching countries across the world. This is the closest the USA has been yet to breaking the top 5 in Hentai Trending categories! Let’s take a look at the breakdown by state:

Arkansas is the top state for vore searches, but it’s closely trailed by Idaho, Vermont, Wyoming, and Alaska to form the top 5 vore searching states. This was a really close race between a lot of states! Are you in the USA? Where does your state sit in the vore hierarchy? 

Artist: Karbo

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