What have we unleashed on this world?

It has happened! Umi is officially a Vtuber! But… she’s stuck in her squibi form and we need to figure out how to get her to evolve into her true mama milker form.

@umi_majo How do i evolve?! Halp!!!! #vtuber #vtubers #vtuberclips ♬ Cute – Tik Tok

We will figure it out… I’m sure. Until then Umi will be streaming in her squibi form playing Genshin and doing other stuff. She started streaming last week, did you catch it? If not, here is a highlight reel of some of the best moments!

As you can see… Umi is a bit unhinged. Maybe we shouldn’t have released this little gremlin on the World Wide Web.

Umi is a variety streamer but she is starting with Genshin (you can get special rewards for watching Umi play Genshin on Twitch in-game too!) on a fresh account and reliving the whole Teyvat experience. There is also a lot of fun stuff in the works for the future so make sure to follow her on Twitch so you don’t miss it.

If you want to learn more about Umi and see her most recent streaming schedule, check out her site HERE!

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