We’ve Joined Ko-Fi + Lewd Year Art!

Hey everyone! 

It’s time for a site update/house keeping or whatever type post you want to call this. As some of you may have noticed I disabled our Patreon a few months ago. Patreon with it’s weird adult content rules didn’t feel like the right home for us as we are VERY adult themed. I also didn’t really love the monthly model. If you want to donate to the site I want you to do it on your terms and when you feel like the right time is for yourself and not sign up for some monthly thing you’ll forget about and keep paying into. So I decided to set up a Ko-Fi which allows you to do a one time donation starting at $3 to help support this page. Every little bit helps us keep the lights on and one day I hope that we can make this a full time thing but those are just pipe dreams. 

Tenti has even risen up to help up spread the word about our Ko-Fi page in this cute drawing by XMegantronX!

If you can please consider donating! We would really appreciate it! <3 <3 <3

House keeping articles do not come without a sweet sweet reward and today’s reward is the latest Umi drawing from XMegantronX!



Male sure to follow XMegantronX via all the links below! 



Hentai Foundry


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