Weresheep – Monster Girl Monday

Welcome to Monster Girl Mondays! Every Monday we celebrate a brand new lovely species of monster girl from Kenkou Cross’s Monster Girl Encyclopedia series with some amazing art.


Habitat: Human settlements, plains

Nature: Gentle

Diet: Herbivourus

Quick Facts:

  • Weresheep appear to be drowsy in nature, but it’s actually a magical property of their wool that causes it. Shave it off and she’ll be just as lustful as other monster girls!
  • If they find a man they like, they rub their body all over him to induce him with the same drowsiness as them. 
  • Sex with a weresheep is calm, warm, and peaceful. You can’t help but fall asleep afterwards while enveloped in their fluffiness, even if you’re still inside her.
  • After a man wakes up from having sex with a weresheep, her magical properties cause him to become erect again and they enter a cycle of warm cuddly sex and sleep.
  • Weresheep always have a gentle smile when with a man, but if her wool is shaved off it turns into a much more lewd and devious expression. If shaved, she forcefully takes her mate and crashes her hips into his violently! 

Source: http://kurobine.sakura.ne.jp

Being taken by a weresheep sounds like one of the most pleasant experiences a guy could have with a monster girl. Who else likes a nap and a fuck? Check out these lovely weresheep below!


Artist: tinpam

Artist: okumori boy

Artist: ToloSalmon

Artist: GAマン

Artist: paundo2

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