Werecat – Monster Girl Monday

Welcome to Monster Girl Mondays! Every Monday we celebrate a brand new lovely species of monster girl with some amazing art. We’re on a were-frenzy this week with another animal human hybrid!


Habitat: Forests, peripheries of human settlements

Nature: Self-centered, capricious

Diet: Omnivorous

Quick Facts:

  • Werecats tend to be unacceptable to random & sudden changes in their moods and behavior – one moment they could be angry, quickly followed by being happy.
  • Werecats share a lot of tendencies with normal housecats. This means if you want a well-behaved werecat, you have to make sure to entertain her! They won’t be satisfied with normal play, though, and would much rather you engage them in a good fucking.
  • When in heat, werecats will force herself onto a man she finds that she likes. As she grows to like a man, she continues to seek him out even after her heat subsides.
  • The more a werecat likes and has sex with a man, the shorter the time between her periods of heat will be! If you don’t want a feisty werecat, make sure to moderate your sex with her.

Source: The Monster Girl Encyclopedia Vol. 1

Having a werecat sounds like a lot of work! You have to make sure to keep her happy, but also make sure you don’t give into her desires too much. Would you welcome a lovely werecat into your home? Check out these beautiful werecats below and let us know!


Artist: おりぜん

Artist: 也な

Artist: 大垣

Artist:  天音蓮人

Artist: 也な(お仕事募集中)

Artist: たたら

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