Waifu Fight Dango Style – Eroge Review

*Please note that I did receive a free copy of this game and access to the beta to review. We were not paid for this review and we always aim to share our honest thoughts and reactions! 

I first stumbled upon Waifu Fight Dango Style on Twitter and was instantly excited to play it. I saw the cute little dango babies and boobs and I just knew I needed to play it so I downloaded the demo on Steam. The creators of the game ended up being kind enough to pass me the beta version of the game so I got to experience a little more than the demo. 

The game features multiple waifus who you battle with by hitting dango back and forth. What’s dango? It’s a mochi ball treat that is popular in Japan but these ones look more like tiny Kirby type creatures. 

Gameplay is kind of like Pong but way more crazy! You control a little sushi roll paddle (that can be replaced via the store with things like cookies, kitties and more!) and try to deflect the dango at your opponent. You also bounce them off a waifu’s tits. 

There is a story mode, a challenge more and an arcade mode. So far I’ve only played the story mode because I totally got engrossed in it. Looks like there is also a PVP mode coming soon. 

I have to admit that I am not the best at this game because I suck whenever I need to use the w s controls. I really hope they make so you can edit the controls because if I could change it to the arrow keys I would rock this game! 

You can also play a slot machine to earn more gold to use in the store to get paddles, balls, and more! 

Overall Waifu Fight Dango Style is super fun and mildly lewd. If you want to check it out the demo is available on steam now! 

Download the demo for free now!

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