Wagaya no Liliana-san – Hentai Review

It’s February and that means that Valentine’s Day, another in a line of consumer holidays, is fast approaching! It seems fitting, then, that this month I happened to watch a lovey dovey piece of animated porn called Wagaya no Liliana-san, an adaptation from a printed manga of the same name. A story of two people falling in love, the animation is as vanilla as it gets which goes to show that not all hentai has to be a raucous descent into the bowels of the most foulest perversions imaginable!

Tatsuya is just a regular, average Joe living on his own. We are introduced to him having lunch with his friends before they plan to meet up online to play the latest and greatest video game. With a tummy full of delicious food, he makes his way home only to be waylaid by a curious breeze that sends him running to a nearby alley. There he spots two dogs growling, their eyes glowing red as they are poised to attack something unseen. After scaring off the animals, Tatsuya is shocked to discover that the object of the dog’s attention is a gorgeous, dark skinned girl sleeping under a blanket. Begging for water, Tatsuya takes the woman, Liliana, home for food and a shower. Being the red blooded male that he is, Tatsuya can’t resist taking a peek and is enamored with her generous form. The pair go clothes shopping and one too close for comfort encounter in a dressing room later, we’re treated to a montage of various dates where a deeper connection forms between them. Liliana’s relationship with Tatsuya is strengthened after their one year anniversary when she offers herself as thanks for being rescued from the alley. Tatsuya only agrees to accept her body on the condition that it be an expression of love because he has fallen for her, something Liliana accepts with grateful tears. Awww. And so begins the show’s non-stop sex party of a second half.

Wagaya no Liliana-san has a lot of unanswered questions. Why was Liliana sleeping in an alley? Is she from this world? Do the glowing red eyes of the dogs mean anything? Is Tatsuya so trusting that he’d let a complete stranger into his home? None of that is addressed and instead, the second half of the twenty five minute episode shows how much stamina the pair have. The pair engage in some standard positions, keeping things nice and pure and sweet. When Tatsuya’s older brother mails him costumes for Liliana to wear, things get decidedly more fun as we watch her get fucked while wearing a bunny suit and a cute, frilly maid outfit (which was my favorite, especially when she uses her teeth to hold up her skirt while riding atop her man). As they repeatedly express their love for another, I was expecting some sudden plot to turn up as a carrot for the next episode. In fact, there’s a moment where Liliana mentions reaching a point of no return, a comment that could be interpreted as a) she’s about to climax or b) that if she were a stranger to Earth, her connection with it is so deep that she wouldn’t go back home. Of course, I could be reading way too much into this and it may mean nothing at all. For reference and to gain context, I read the hentai manga by Aoi Nagisa that the animation is based on and found no answers because the source material is simply a series short comics of Tatsuya fucking Liliana in different costumes. So for those coming into this series cold, don’t expect a whole lot of plot unless future episodes set out to do just that.

As the title suggests, Liliana is the star of the show and boy, does she make an impression. She’s bound to become a big favorite among those who absolutely love busy, dark skinned hentai girls. Blessed with the perfect hentai body, the camera delights in being angled in such a way that viewers can drink her all in as she seductively writhes and leans and arcs her body out of pure ecstasy. And she looks fantastic in all her outfits, be it a sexy dress with an exquisite boob window, outdoor winter clothing, and of course, her sexy costumes. During the sex scenes, a lot of attention is paid to her lady parts and how they’re taken care of by Tatsuya. Although censored, the pixelated areas aren’t overdone and get in the way of seeing her boobs, mouth, and pussy get penetrated and eventually cummed on, inside and out. Where I found myself less impressed was the animation. There are a few scenes where the movement between characters is really stiff and mechanical, as if watching two animatronic robots got at it with each other. But then there are shorter scenes where the movement, be it Liliana’s breasts swaying and bouncing to the movement, Tatsuya’s member pulsing at it comes, and a few of the costume sequences that offer extra frames of animation. I won’t go far enough to suggest that Wagaya no Liliana-san is cheap, far from it, but a lot of the show sticks out in my mind for not being as smoothly animated as I would have liked.

Wagaya no Liliana-san is a fitting and erotic adaptation of the manga and even though I had concerns over the inconsistent animation style and the confusing story setup, it’s still a pretty entertaining thing to watch. The saccharine sweetness that is Tatsuya and Liliana’s relationship is enough to give one diabetes and it’s hard not to let out the occasion “d’awww” as they express their love vocally and physically. Not every hentai has to be about face fucking futa demon nurses getting attacked by tentacle pirate robot ninjas.

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