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Welcome back to Portable Hentai, the article series where we highlight the pocket-sized women of mobile games! This week we’re diving back into Granblue Fantasy to put the spotlight on one of its most popular characters.

Artist: 武田あらのぶ

Vira, given the title of ‘Love-crazed Knight’ has been consistently ranked one of the most popular characters in Granblue Fantasy by its players. Twenty-two years old, Vira was raised alongside her friend Katalina, and both characters trained together to become knights.

Artist: 呉マサヒロ

Vira has a soft-spot for Katalina. By soft-spot, I mean she really likes Katalina. Did I say like? I mean she’s madly in love with Katalina and has no qualms with murdering anyone who would even dare think of harming her precious ‘sister’.

Artist: 武田あらのぶ

Are you feeling the yandere? You should be, because Vira is batshit crazy for Katalina and exemplifies what it means to be a yandere. Many characters in Granblue Fantasy are at least alluded to having strong feelings for the main character, but Vira only considers you her close friend and shows no romantic interest in you at all.

Artist: ぺに健

Vira herself is a powerful character in Granblue Fantasy and tops tier lists for her dark element constantly. She provides a strong mix of utility and damage to your team, and is in the minority of characters that can reach the game’s maximum level of 100.

Artist: 草鋼

Likely due to her massive popularity, Vira has many alternate outfits, including an alternate costume, idol costume, kimono, and Christmas costume. She also has an earth-element swimsuit character variant you can get in the summer!

Artist: ubanis

If you want to try you luck at getting this lovely yandere, you can head over to Granblue Fantasy right now and start playing! I recommend checking out the game’s reddit for help on getting started, however, as the game has a full English translation, but it’s only released in Japan. Do you have a favorite portable girl? Let us know in the comments or tweet us and we may feature her in a future article!

Artist: ゲンツキ

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