Vexoria, The Sun Eater – Lewdtuber Interview

Since launching our own vtuber Umi last month, to support her, I’ve gotten deeply into vtuber community. Well… everyone here has at this point. We stan! 😤 One part of the community that I’ve specifically gotten into as of late, is the lewdtuber community! It’s the best of both worlds! Cute anime oppai women and streamers! What more could a hentai fan ask for?

The first lewdtuber I reached out was super down to talk to me and answer some questions and be featured here and that filled me with joy! Our first lewdtuber feature + interview is… *drumroll* VEXORIA THE SUN EATER!! I’ve been a big fan of her content, how she engages with her community, and her style! (You know I like me some snake ladies from my previous Monster Girl articles…)

Image via Vexoria

Vexoria is a snake MILF oppai vtuber who does it all! She streams, voice acts, does a ton for charity, creates adult content, and more! Before we get into the interview portion of this I want to give you a taste of her delicious delicious content with the video below:


Hi! For anyone who doesn’t know you yet, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi everyone! I’m Vexoria the Sun Eater! I’m a bit of an anomaly in the vtuber community, honestly! I’m 36 years old, married, and a mother of two children with an honours degree in psychology. My manager, Zolon, is my husband and best friend in the whole world (@Cultistzolon on twitter). I’ve always tried to be up front and honest about my relationship status and my status as a mom. My streams are best described as “Chaos and tits” – I’m not afraid to showcase my character’s busty nature (As a busty woman IRL), and my community loves to tease and troll me with sound alerts and other means of interacting with me. I am considered to be a “Dommy Mommy.” In my community I have also created an accepting place for people from all sorts of backgrounds, with all sorts of kinks (I talk about vore, monster girl and growth kinks on my stream, among others), and we do so in a non-judgmental, positive space. I absolutely love my community, they all make me smile so much, even on days that I’m struggling (as someone who deals with depression and anxiety, this means a lot to me!). We aren’t afraid to get up to a little “Bustin’” in the Hissing Depths. I am a SFW/NSFW voice actor and I am a certified MILF who does adult content and streams on Fansly and loves a good laugh. During my Fansly streams, my community loves to try to break records when making me cum, and I do a mix of toy play with Lovense, lewd ASMR, and other sexy chatting. I also offer subscriptions for other content on my Fansly – I offer lingerie, nude and lewd photos of myself IRL, videos of me playing with my monster dildos, VoDs of lewd streams for those who miss them, and lewd ASMR recordings. I’m a true nympho who’s never satisfied and loves to show off for all my lovers! When I’m not showing off my “Snitties” or “Snussy” or coiling up other vtubers nice and tightly, I’m an advocate for charity! I won charity streamer of the year at the GameHer awards last year and could not have done so without the amazing support of my community! 

We’re big lamia fans here at HHQ and we LOVE your model! What inspired it and what inspires your variety of models?

Thank you so much! I’ve always loved lamias myself and found them to be incredibly attractive. The biggest inspiration for my model has been the MGE (Monster Girl Encyclopedia). I really enjoyed the lore about the Apophis and the overall look of them. Something about that sexy jewelry barely covering their tits is just so hot to me. They’re so sexy and powerful! At the time I hadn’t really seen any prominent lamia vtubers, and I thought being an Apophis lamia would be incredibly cool! Also anime like Monster Musume only increased my already huge love for Monster girls. Specifically Mia was incredibly cute!  I also have a very big love for villain characters. I wanted to do more of a darker, villainess character because of my voice being a deeper feminine mommy dom voice. Being a sexy lamia who was a villain was something I had not previously seen and I wanted to try and do something unique with my model! I’m always looking at different forms of media and creating mood boards for various artists to help assist them in creating art, or new outfits for my model! 

You have a super active community who adores you! What has been one or some of your favorite moments with them?

Some of my favourite moments with my community was when we raised over 16k for in 5 hours last year. I picked originally because it was a charity that meant something to me on a personal level. As a former survivor of domestic abuse from a previous relationship, I wanted to help those who had suffered similar trauma I had. I wanted to raise awareness that domestic abuse and trauma can happen to anyone no matter the age or gender identity. I also wanted to give hope to those who were still in difficult situations and let them know there are supports out there for them. The community really stepped up and helped a lot of people that day and I could not be more proud of them!

Otherwise, every stream with my community is chaos, lewd humor and perfectly timed sound alerts. My community makes me laugh so much and they know how to make me smile. We watch memes, play horror games and once a month we try to have a movie night together! I could not ask for a better community. They are what make streaming so much fun for me! 

You’ve had so much success and I imagine it will only grow! Do you have any goals or things you are hoping to achieve in 2023?

For 2023, I have a 3d model in the works, a “human form” Vexoria reveal, and have started working on a big Vexoria 2.0 model redebut, lore continuation (I’m a storyteller, I can’t help it), and revamp of my whole channel! I’m also planning for new art, more lewd posters, and even more NSFW content for my lovers! There are a lot of new things coming and I’m extremely excited for it! I am also looking to do more charity work with organizations that matter most to my community and myself, namely neurodivergent and LGBTQIA+ charities as I have a 12 year daughter on the spectrum and I am bisexual. Another goal for this year is to produce a high quality NSFW demo reel and do more audio work for games or potentially anime! A big goal for me as well is to get an average of 1k viewers for a month, and find out a way to get my fans their ”pocket snussy” and tail dildo they want! Lastly, I also really want to make some more friends in the vtuber community! Keeping friendships is tough when you’re a mom, wife, entertainer, content creator and business owner – so I’m really trying to make an effort to build deeper, lasting relationships with my friends over the next year.

I also want to try to feature some smaller creators where I can and try to uplift others who I feel would shine with a bit more spotlight on them! I’m a big proponent of women helping women, and I absolutely subscribe to the idea that we all rise together when we help each other out.

Lewdtubing has absolutely taken off but it faces a lot of challenges with content restrictions, especially with what is happening over at YouTube right now with age restricting everything. Do you have any tips for other folks in the medium to keep afloat during such an uphill battle?

I would say look at other platforms that are more lenient. Fansly for example allows you to stream, post more NSFW content and offers a 80/20 split and subscription tiers. It’s a very clean and new platform that is very open to lewdvtubers based on the conversations I’ve had with Fansly staff!

Likewise, I have an amazing editor, SilvySpark, that has done some very creative editing to allow for my more cursed, bullied and lewd moments to be posted on Youtube with some funny censoring and hilarious storytelling. Clever go arounds can also help on Youtube in that regard.

Lastly, it is heartbreaking to see that society still is afraid of sexuality, however, there are a lot of lewdvtubers out there that just want to help each other and support one another. Build yourself a community of like minded and open people that you can talk to when you’re feeling down about your content or yourself. Everyone has those days, and it can be reassuring and helpful to vent to people in your same field and build stronger friendships to get you through those rough days.

If you love lewd content creation, don’t neglect other avenues of growth that will allow you to support it! Post and create content that fits and works on other platforms, and keep up with the lewd things that you want your community to enjoy. Use your other content to become familiar with others, then rope those that are comfortable with lewdtubing into your lewd content when they’re ready!

Do you have anything else you want to share with your fans or potential new fans reading this?

I’m really looking forward to new things in the coming year, more charity events, and lots more adult content on Fansly in the 3D space and holding community VR Chat meet ups! I really want to be more interactive with fans and hopefully I will be invited to more conventions this year and I can meet some of you in person like I did at the AVN awards! That was a ton of fun for me and I got to have some amazing conversations and get to know you all!

To potential new fans, I would say if you enjoy comedy with your lewd, and love yourself a good milf with a sensual deeper voice, or just an anime mom that will fuck your brains out? I’m your vtuber. Come and check me out on twitch at: or Fansly at @vexoriathesuneater! I like to think I’m funny but also will make you squirm 😉  

Finally for everyone I would just say that you’re never too old to pursue your dreams and do the things you love to do. Embrace yourself and try new things! Being an older vtuber gave me a lot of life experience on how to navigate people and business partnerships more effectively. If you want to try vtubing, or lewdtubing, myself and Zolon are always open to answering questions on my stream and his stream to help you out!

Wow! What a cool woman with such amazing activations and amazing support for the lewd community as a whole. One thing I really love about our own community is how supportive and non-judgemental everyone is and I love to see other people in the space building awesome communities so I hope you check out Vexoria and join her community if you’re not already a part of it!

Here’s all the places you can find her:
Youtube Clips:

Also… I know you all love some sexy waifu merch so be sure to check out her stuffs below:

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A huge thank you to Vexroia for being our first featured lewdtuber! If you’re interested in being featured please DM us on Twitter or email us!

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