Vampires (Halloween Special #2!) – Monster Girl Monday

Welcome to Monster Girl Mondays! Every Monday we celebrate a brand new lovely species of monster girl with some amazing art. We’ll be celebrating Halloween all October by featuring monster girls that love to come out and play during this holiday!


Habitat: Demon Realm

Nature: Strong-willed, haughty, stubborn

Diet: Blood of human men

Quick Facts:

  • Vampires typically have superhuman strength, incredible magic power, and consider themselves to be nobility compared to others (especially humans).
  • They feed on the spirit energy of men through their blood – which acts as an aphrodisiac for a vampire.
  • Despite their lustful urges, vampires are likely to control their urges due to considering humans as being lesser beings.
  • Vampires kidnap human men to become their permanent food source; constant feeding turns the human into an incubus.
  • Once turned into an incubus, vampires consider them to be of nobility as well and are free to copulate with the man to their heart’s desire!
  • If a vampire sucks a woman’s blood, she is turned into a vampire herself!

Source: Monster Girl Encyclopedia Vol. 1

Vampires love to place themselves on a pillar – with you at their feet obeying their every command! Would you want to be captured by one of these fanged beauties? We’ve selected some awesome hentai of vampires for you below!

Artist: akira-toshine

Artist:  霸龙

Artist: Dκ. SêηìЁ

Artist: 774

Artist: 天河舞姫

Artist: 優希

Artist: caesty

Artist: Andava


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