Ushi-Oni – Monster Girl Monday

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Habitat: Mountainous regions, caves, Zipangu

Nature: Ferocious, lustful

Diet: Carnivorous

Quick Facts:

  • Ushi-Oni are quite ferocious! Their body is constantly hot from being constantly filled with thoughts of savagely raping and violating men.
  • They frequently raid human villages until they find a man they like; after finding their mate they’ll tie him up with their webbing, take him home, and savagely rape him!
  • Ushi-Oni are tireless sex beasts, to the point where once they’ve found a man they like they’ll seclude themselves from the rest of humanity and indulge in the endless rape of their new mate.
  • Be careful if you see an Ushi-Oni without the cloth they wear over their eye! It controls their insatiable lust; an Ushi-Oni without one is bound to be far more savage and controlled by their insatiable desires.
  • The blood of an Ushi-Oni is so tainted with demonic energy that contact with it will turn men into incubus and women into fellow Ushi-Oni!
  • Newly transformed Ushi-Oni are filled with the same beastial desire to rape and violate men, eventually corrupting them no matter how docile their personality was before.

Source: The Monster Girl Encyclopedia

The Ushi-Oni are savage beasts, but someone who likes it rough with a kink for ferocious spider ladies might have just found their soulmate! Do you think you could survive being an Ushi-Oni’s prisoner?

Artist: Kenshin187

Artist: Nyuunzi

Artist: gyarustan

Artist: Spicy Delights

Artist: mogucho

Artist: Sud

Artist: Magnifire

Artist: Bucksatan

Artist: sookmo

Artist: どうしましょ

Artist: ehrrr

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