We Are Turning Umi Into a Vtuber!

We are excited to announce that we have started development on turning Umi into a vtuber!

We are giving her a new outfit to comply with Twitch’s community standards.

Here is your first look at her new outfit by XMegantronX:

This is just a rough sketch of course and this is just the concept art. Another team will be working on the finalized version.

Once she is developed, we will be streaming SFW games on Twitch and NSFW games on OnlyFans.

This is going to be a costly endeavor with the price of hiring all the artists and getting a new gaming PC (I have a Mac *forever crying in gamer*) so we are raising money to help get this off the ground!

If you would like to donate, you can donate on our OnlyFans HERE!

If you can’t, no worries! We will still move forward with the project but if you can, that’s super helpful!

Even if you can’t be sure to follow us on Twitch HERE! and on our free OnlyFans HERE! We will be posting status updates on our OnlyFans as often as they happen!

We can’t wait for Umi to game with you!

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