Umi Majo

Umi Majo is a sea witch who emerged from the sea to steal all your doujins. Then she got a job being the mascot for Hentai HQ and now she’s on a new journey of becoming a VTuber who will debut soon! Oh and that little guy by her side? That’s her BFF Tenti! He may be an octopus but he is a faithful member of the #SquidGang!

Where you can find Umi:


Original concept art: xMeganTronX [Twitch] [Instagram] [Twitter]


Can I clip and upload Umi’s streams?
Yes, as long as you link to the channel you clipped it from at the top of the description and do not post clips out of context to disparage Umi.

Can I make fan art of Umi?
Yes! We may even feature it here and promote your social or pages!

Can I sell the fan art of Umi that I make?
Yes, as long as it is not massed produced or used for a commercial brand. IE: If you draw an image and want to sell prints, that’s A-OK! If you make something like a mass produced Umi fugure, that’s not OK without a license. If you want to draw fan art of Umi and use it to promote your business, that’s not OK without a license. Make sense?

Can I make rule 34 of Umi?
Yes, but we are not responsible for anything you do. If you make something that’s illegal, you’re solely responsible!