Ultimate Editor Satou-san – Hentai Manga Review

Have you ever wondered where an inexperienced eromanga author gets his inspiration from? Ultimate Editor Satou-san has an answer for us!

Ultimate Editor Satou-san, drawn by Mitiking, revolves around an eromanga author, Hajime, and his editor Satou. Hajime is fairly inexperienced in the realm of sex and needs help visualizing his scenes – which is where Satou steps in! She helps him out by re-enacting scenes with him to draw later! Her cold expressions really make you wonder whether she’s into Hajime or is just in it for the work.

Satou is a harsh mistress, making Hajime draw right after she makes him come! She even queues up the next sex act for them to perform; Satou is really a demon of efficiency! It proves effective, though, as we can see when Hajime goes to an event and has a fan practically beg him to escape for a little one-on-one action before Satou steps in and intervenes. 

The big sex scene is set up after the event when Hajime finishes drawing another round in the hotel room he’s sharing with Satou. After all of that hard work, Hajime deserves a reward, and Satou is more than happy to oblige!

Hajime goes after Satou hard and fast, but she won’t let up on her cold demeanor, even commenting on his lack of longevity while she’s getting pounded! You can really tell that Hajime is giving his all, sweating and fiercely trying to show his editor that he’s a man who can really deliver. His post-coital confession brings a different emotion from Satou, showing her coy side as she tells him to stop overthinking things and just enjoy the night!

Just as we think it’s about to end, we’re treated to an encore in the shower! Thank you, Mitiking – you’re the best!

At the end, we’re still left unsure of Satou’s true feelings towards Hajime. Honestly, that’s perfectly fine, because the dynamic these two have together is just perfect the way it is. If you want to give Ultimate Editor Satou-san a read, you can do so right here with a Fakku subscription!


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