Trance – Hentai Manga Review

It’s Halloween, and what’s a better way to celebrate than with some Halloween-themed hentai! We’re reviewing Trance, by Dagashi, a manga all about an infamous creature of the night – the succubus! 

As you may or may not know, a common theme of succubus is their ability to enter a man’s dreams to seduce him and steal his energy, and that’s what exactly what our succubus is after in Trance. Our protagonist frequently jerks off to a classmate that he can’t quite build up the nerves to talk to, and one night he’s visited by a succubus that just looks like her. After fucking him dry, he starts to question whether that was just a dream or if it actually happened. He goes back to school, sees his crush, and the cycle repeats with another visit from the succubus! It goes on for so long that he eagerly seeks his dreams out, and by the end of the manga we find out that she really was a succubus that was happily draining his energy every night. 

The art in this hentai manga may look a little rough, but it has a real charm to it. Our succubus’s features are often exaggerated and her proportions change frequently, but that could easily just be her tailoring herself to our protagonist’s desires and it ends up working really well. Seeing his crush, who’s normally dressed in conservative school clothing, dressed up like a sexy succubus is incredibly tantalizing – if you like on/off styled porn, you’ll absolutely love this hentai. Her succubus outfit changes throughout the manga are equally great, with each outfit really accentuating different parts of her body and giving her a different allure!

Listen, it’s Halloween – the least you could do is get yourself in the spirit with a great hentai manga like this! Give it a read with a Fakku premium membership right now!

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