Sex Toyception?

We all have our vices. One of mine is definitely sex toys! Often times I wonder… what if my figures had sex toys? Would their quality of life improve? Now I can know for sure because a whole line of toy sexy toys is here! In japan anyway… 

These tiny sex toys were released on the Japanese site The Native Store in their 18+ section! And you can see why…

This 29 piece set comes complete with sex toys of all kinds so you can recreate all sorts of sexy situations with your figures! These are perfectly sized for the Figma figures but they would pair nicely with many other figure lines as well! 

It comes with… this? That’s definitely some lube but also a bowl and a little syringe for inserting the lube? I definitely don’t have this set up in my personal collection! Is lube injecting more effective? Hahaha! 

It also comes with a pretty standard set of dildos. 

Three types of anal beads! 

A few different types of vibrators and a flesh light… Do any of your figures actually have a penis you can use this on? 

Condoms! It comes with a pack of condoms, two open wrappers, and three different styles of used condoms. 

For those of you who are little more adventurous they have a few bondage items! 

Even more adventurous? There is pee effect pieces! You can reenact a golden shower or just make your figure take a wiz! 

This is a pretty wide variety and these are only the first wave! We can’t wait to see what The Native Store has in store for us next! Unfortunately as of right now these are only available in Japan so you may need to enlist a shopping service (that is open to some pretty pervy shopping!) 

Images courtesy of  The Native Store

Featured image courtesy of @kurocat16

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