Top 10 eroHero Waifus!

DISCLAIMER The mangas featured in this article are hosted on eroHero which is owned by the same people as Hentai HQ. We try to keep our reviews as honest as possible but in such cases, there is always a possibility of bias. Please keep that in mind while reading this review.

Ahhh, waifus. Who can honestly say that they have not obsessed over a female character across the broad spectrum of Japanese animated and illustrated entertainment? You don’t have to go far to find communities surrounding popular anime gals and it’s the lifeblood that drives a lot of fun fan discussions and art, especially when they cross into doujin territory. But I don’t want to talk about our favorite pure, chaste, and wholesome waifus. We’re going talk about waifus who don’t just have sex, they fuck. And they are all sourced exclusively from eroHero, the best place to get legal hentai! If you’re not a subscriber, head over to and check out these titles and so much more!

School Nurse – Nudeworld

Nudeworld is the opposite of that all-too-familiar dream of going to school in nothing but your underwear. In this case, though, the dream is far less traumatic! Living in a world where everyone’s clothes have disappeared and all women look at him with lust in their eyes, Hontani must try to get through the day while every woman on the block wants to jump on his dick. That include’s his school’s nurse! Hoping to seek her assistance in figuring out what has caused all the women to go super horny, Hontani is dismayed when the nurse exhibits the same sexual appetite as everyone else. Cute, voracious, and pleasantly endowed, the school nurse in  Nudeworld is unquestionably fap-worthy! 

Image Source: Nudeworld

Kanami – Naked Wife Cooking Class 

Moms, moms, moms! I love hentai moms! If there ever was a dream I’d want to be fulfilled, it would involve being in a room of super horny and unsatisfied housewives looking to score with a young stud! Naked Wife Cooking is a short but sweet story about a young man getting extra help with his cooking skills at a community school in return for satiating their hunger for sex. The three women involved in this story, Kanami, Kaoruko, and Shion, make a great first impression as they each wear nothing but an apron that can barely cover their huge MILF boobs. Of the three wives who pump their classmate while he slices, dices, and juliennes, Kanami is the cutest of the trio because, and this is going to sound so superficial, she looks so good with purple hair! Kanami has it all: purple hair, big boobs, and no shame, setting the standard for all other hentai moms to follow. 

Miku – A Jellyfish Girl’s Very Sweet Pet Mating Diary

Thank you, Interspecies Reviewer, for making me horny for monster girls. Whether’s it’s spider-girls, cow-girls, or a succubus wearing cow-print bikinis, there’s never been a better time to fall in love with human/creature hybrids! Kicking off our list of favorite waifus is Miku, an anthropomorphized jellyfish from In A Jellyfish Girl’s Very Sweet Pet Mating Diary. One glance at her and it’s not hard to see what makes Miku so appealing. She’s utterly adorable and is super quick to make sexytimes with her human owner. What makes Miku extra special is how she makes use of her jellyfish tendrils to creatively grope, stroke, and poke her human lover. I’ve seen my fair share of monster girls but Miku is really unique and I won’t lie: I’m dying to know what having sex with a jellyfish girl feels like!

Akizuki – I Came To Investigate But Now I Can’t Stop Cumming!

How far would you go to get a good scoop? For Akizuki, a reporter, it means having to go through one of the most invasive (but intimate) massages of her life! When rumors circulate that a certain massage parlor might be giving out more than a few “happy endings,” Her massage therapist is a handsome young man whose fingers and hands explore Akizuki’s frame in a tender way before poking, prodding, groping, and inserting them in places that leave her hot and bothered! Cute in a shy, demure way, the moment Akizuki arrives at waifu territory is when she allows herself to fall into the spell of pure ecstasy. 

Shizuku Kujou – Jail ZERO

Sweet, innocent Shizuku. All she wanted was to find a way to fight off the afternoon doldrums. Her descent into depravity begins after she buys a computer to connect with an online teddy bear enthusiast group. Completely unprepared for the reality that the Internet is only for porn, she happens across a website called Gore Nuke that features explicit erotic photos and videos of anonymous women having crazy sex with all sorts of men. What I like about Shizuku, apart from the way she is drawn, is her sexual naivete. She’s a newcomer to porn and after having her first taste of erotic entertainment, she can’t get enough. She’s curious – like we all were when we first discovered it – and more and more she gives in to her new lust. I love her character arc, starting off demure before fully embracing the life of rough, anonymous sex. Another reason why I love her is that I have a near-unhealthy obsession with hentai MILFs (as this list will certainly reveal). To me, there’s nothing better than an older woman discovering her sexuality. 

Image Source: Jail ZERO

Iilfelna – Demi-Human Blood 

If there’s anything I love more than MILFs, it’s elf girls. Some of my favorite OVAs feature gorgeous, graceful, and full-bodied fantasy girls with pointy ears and it didn’t take very long before a new obsession developed. While I have enough love in my heart for all elf girls, it’s the dark-skinned ones that make me go “ara ara.” These dark elves are often presented as the “bad” kind of elves – as was the case for OVAs like Kuoinu and Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori E – but the truth is, good or bad, I don’t mind! I’ll love them anyway! Dark-skinned elves will always be sexy to me, which is why I’m a big fan of the hentai manga Demi-Human Blood. In it, the dark elf Iilfelna endure various sexual tortures and punishments at the hands of a tentacle monster while her captor watches things unfold. This means you’ll get to page after page of great monster sex and tentacle bondage as Iilfelna is bent every which way so that those tentacles can really get up in her insides.

Image Source: Demi-Human Blood

Nurse Mizuho – Older Sister’s Lesson

In this anthology of sexy stories, we’re spotlighting the character of Mizuho, a kind nurse. Mizuho’s boyfriend Tazaki is stuck in the hospital and no matter how hard she tries to keep things professional, he can’t help but be a lewd pervert to her. And who can blame him? Mizuho is a big-breasted cutie who fills her nurse uniform to bursting! After going to some hilarious extreme ends to ward off her boyfriend’s advances, Mizuho’s boss suggests she lightens up a bit and have fun. This leads to the sequence of events that had me picking Mizuho as my favorite waifu of the work: she gives into Tazaki’s pervy demands and arrives for his checkup without wearing a bra. And if you thought Mizuho looked good in a uniform at the beginning of the story, just wait until she makes a full panel reveal without undergarments!

Lilly – Pet Robot Lilly

What is the best gift a father can give to his son on his birthday? Why, a fully functional sex-bot, of course! Pet Robot Lilly reads like a much, much sexier version of Chobits only instead of spotlighting a cutesy, lovey-dovey romance, Lilly’s goal is to give her master as much sex as possible! Lilly wins a spot on the waifu list not just because she’s a sexy robot, but because her first instinct upon activation is to slam her boobs directly into her new master’s face. I would very much like to be greeted that way, too! Because she came from a second-hand store, Lilly isn’t the most “top of the line” model and that leads to a lot of soul searching and self-discovery as she tries to better understand the world, her master, and what it means to give pleasure. Cute, eager to satisfy, and looks so good in PE clothes, Lilly was literally built to be one of eroHero’s best waifus!

Image Source: Pet Robot Lilly

Susuhara – The Super Horny Workplace

The Super Horny Workplace is a sexy story of male fantasies run amok. Through the eyes of Junichi, we experience a workplace in which women are expected to sexually service their male coworkers at a moment’s notice. Looking past the premise, I found it really hard to pick out which characters made my nethers tremble the most. Was it Yumi, the office assistant who gives Junichi a pretty fucking hot morning blow job? Was it the purple-haired (I love purple hair!) floor manager who lines up all the ladies at the start of the shift? Was it the women’s work uniforms, pantsuits that expose tons of flesh and underboob? I struggled to pick a favorite until we were introduced to Susuhara, the bespeckled goddess-tier, no-nonsense boss of the company. Despite being in charge of the company and yelling at those who fuck up the financials, she’s still at the mercy of her male staff. Susuhara proves, however, that she gives as good as she gets and takes Junichi for a heavy ride. She has a commanding presence, even when she’s reduced to the company onahole. 

Doctor Minato – The Dentist Like A Dream

If you read my review of The Dentist Like A Dream, then you knew there was no way Doctor Minato wasn’t going to be on this list. A lot of the hentai women on this list are depicted as being sex objects for men and monsters to dominate. That makes for some fun erotic entertainment and yeah, seeing a dark elf get her boobs groped by tentacles is great but have you experienced the pure joy of watching a woman be dominant and take control? That’s why I love Doctor Minato so much. When a patient arrives for an appointment and experiences extreme anxiety, Minato’s calming practices involve shoving a bunch of sex toys and vibrators in his mouth. And when that’s not enough, she straps him down and puts her tits on his shoulders before revealing her super fun surprise. I love everything about Doctor Minato. It can be plenty arousing to see women fucked hard and deep like in the previous selections but every once in a while, I’ve got the urge to see the table’s turned and Doctor Minato gives me exactly what I want. How can she not be a waifu?

I really hoped you enjoyed reading through this list as much as I had putting it together for you. It was really difficult to pick ten of the best, most gorgeous hentai ladies for you but I’ve done it and I’m ready to receive my humanitarian awards. Fap well and fap often, friends!

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