Tohru – Rule 34

Welcome to another rule 34! This week you all voted and one of my favorite characters was selected! 

Tohru is a fiery lesbian dragon maid and thee is pretty much nothing better than that. If you haven’t checked out the yuri (that means hot girl on girl action) anime Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid I HIGHLY recommend it! It’s available on Funimation and you can get a free trial when you sign up via our link!

Now let’s get to the sexy fan art! Please make sure you check out more from the artists listed below.

Artist: あつとく


Artist: Ttrop


Artist: Kgo


Artist: 【hews】 @hews__


Artist: Sela


Artist: Rotain


Artist: 琥太郎


Artist: GAO


Artist: Psychowolf


That’s it for this week’s rule 34! What did you think? Would you let Tohru be your sex slave?

Next week we are celebrating this classic women of animation. Vote for your favorite in our Twitter pole down below! 

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