Tiger-Ear Channel – Hentai Manga Review

Tiger-Ear Channel, by Kamiya Zuzu, takes a look at the evolution of technology and what lewd things we’ll be capable of in the future – which is apparently fuckable kemonomimi VR idols, which we’re totally down for.


Nekoma Tora, our solo protagonist, is a young entrepreneurial woman trying to make it in the vast landscape of virtual reality idols online. In the future, VR has evolved to the point where you can practically become the idol yourself, and Tora throws herself in the shoes of an aptly tiger-esque VR idol. After falling asleep, she wakes up to find herself literally in her VR idol’s shoes as a cute mascot cheers her on and tells her she’s been selected! After exploring the area, Tora quickly begins exploring her own body and finds out that she’s putting on a live show right then and there! Her online fans that donate to her channel are able to manifest in as silhouettes of penises, hands, and even bodies that can molest and fuck her as they please. After an amazing solo show, there’s a cute twist to the story that we won’t spoil here – read it to find out what happens to Tora!

This manga is a total kemonomimi lover’s dream! Tora’s tiger-patterned ears and tail mixed with just right right amount of fluff on her clothing is a real eye-pleaser – we wish she was a real VR idol! Giving Tora an extra-sensitive tail was a nice touch, practically making her the perfect kemonomimi idol. Watching Tora get groped and fucked by all of the anonymous hands paints a picture of something that could actually happen in our lifetime, too – after all, we already have virtual reality idols, and if any industry is going to be the one to propel technology further it’ll definitely be the porn industry!

If you have Fakku premium, we recommend you go read Tiger-Ear Channel right now! If you don’t have it, maybe this will be the hentai that convinces you to sign up!

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