The Obscene Sports Festival – Manga Review

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Everybody likes to say that the Olympics would be more meaningful if the athletes competed alongside average people. This would make it easier to see just how hard athletes push their bodies to the limit and make the Olympics way more fun to watch. Just think about it: a 120lb endurance runner lining up to the starting line against a 30-something office drone. As entertaining as that would be, how about I propose something much better? What if, and hear me out here, all of the competitors were sexy anime babes who get naked before using dildos for relay races and electric stimulation during fencing? This is not the stuff of dreams but the premise behind Shinbirehituji’s outrageous hentai manga, The Obscene Sports Festival! What Shinbirehituji has done with this sexy comic is devise a series of realistic athletic events redesigned to sexually stimulate and show off the physical assets of the competitors in a wildly public forum. This is exhibitionism at its wildest peak! While the manga is a bit on the short side (there’s so much more room and potential for all kinds of sexified events), the content there is really fun and deliciously ridiculous!

Your host for the events is the cute, purple-haired Yamada Akemi. Wearing a high school PE costume, she delivers an enthusiastic and rousing speech to athletes and spectators alike, capping the opening ceremonies with a good, long peek at her boobs. So shameless, but it’s clear that she totally loves cheering for the cameras! As the Mistress of Ceremonies, she is our guide to the events being highlighted during the sports festival, all of which are designed to show off (and stimulate) the athlete’s sexiest parts of their bodies as much as possible.  Win or lose, someone is guaranteed to be left inside the winner’s circle, their bodies drenched in sweat and cum.

The first event is cycling. That doesn’t seem all that exciting until Akemi reveals the juiciest details behind this particular endurance challenge. Riding a tandem bike with a male partner, the woman athlete must race to the finish line while a dildo strapped to her bike seat is manipulated by the pedaling of her partner, who controls the speed and movement of the sexual device. The pair must work together and plan their pace because if the dildo pops out, the team is disqualified! Kinda harsh, I’m not going to lie, but The Obscene Sports Festival only has awards for the best! The next competition is the relay race and traditionally, the event involves passing a baton across multiple runners. Given the audacity of the cycling event, I was pretty excited to find out what Shinbirehituji had up its sleeve. And yet, I wasn’t nearly prepared to discover that the “baton” was a double-headed dildo that is passed from one pussy to another. “Wowzers” certainly doesn’t do the sequence justice! I won’t talk about the rest of the manga’s events so as to not spoil the surprises because you absolutely don’t want to miss what Shinbirehituji has up its sleeve for the rest of the competition. Based on the first two competitions featured in The Obscene Sports Festival, however, you can expect the remaining events to be super kinky and fun. And all the while, MC Yamada really gets into the spirit of things because every time she does a check-in, it’s while she’s getting fucked by a bunch of guys before participating in a full-blown gangbang with her biggest fans. 

It’s really hard not to love the pure audacity of The Obscene Sports Festival. This beautifully illustrated yarn is raunchy as hell and exhibits no shame through its collection of wild sex games. The true stars of the show are the competitors themselves. If athletic, fit women get you hot, then you have no reason to skip out on the fun of watching them literally bend themselves backward for coveted gold medals. The only significant downside of note is its length. The Obscene Sports Festival is not a particularly long work and ends just when it gets really interesting. At one point, it manages to inject some human drama by presenting the backstory of one of the Fencing competitions. Was it needed? No, it gave the characters some dimension and during my second read-through, I found myself wanting more of these human interest stories. However, that’s not enough to condemn the work by any stretch. With its grounded, realistic setting, a hilarious host, and its creative use of sports equipment, every page promises something for everyone. 

Shinbirehituji’s The Obscene Sports Festival is adventurous, silly, and super sexy. There’s nothing better than seeing full-color spreads of busty, sporty gals getting into the competitive spirit with all kinds of sexual devices and equipment. I’m personally hoping that this gets a winter games-themed sequel. I’m literally drooling at the thought of what the bobsledding event would look like. 

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