The Dentist Like A Dream – Hentai Manga Review

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Like most people, I am terrified of the dentist. Just the thought of having to go see one fills me with anxiety. I’ve had my fair share of dentist visits in my lifetime – though, admittedly, not as many as I should have – and the comfort levels of those appointments were hit or miss. One of them was an absolute jerk who had no bedside manner to speak of while the other was patient, calm, and made every effort to check on me during the procedure. I cast much of the blame for my fear on the popular “freaky, scary dentist” trope. If only we, as a society, could put all our efforts and resources into hiring more Futanari dentists, then maybe going in and having cavities filled wouldn’t be so bad. 

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Dentist Like A Dream is a step in the right direction. In this collection of 94 static CG images, we are introduced to Yukishiro Takashi, a young man about to start his first full-time job as he makes that long, arduous journey along the path of adulting. He makes an appointment to get his teeth examined and, like me, can barely contain his fear. Yukishiro is introduced to Doctor Minato, a beautiful buxom blonde woman who looks amazing in her scrubs. This introduction is a little awkward because the specialist just so happens to be Yukishiro’s older sister’s friend. Much like anyone who has a love affair for the feminine form, Yukishiro lets his mind wander to the romantic possibilities of this reunion. Would it be sweet and warm? Or perhaps it would be something far lewder, he thinks as Minato presses her breasts against his head as she works on his teeth. The truth, friends, is far more exciting. 

Doctor Minato gets right to working, poking, and prodding with all sorts of dental instruments against his precious enamels. Everything goes pretty smoothly until Minato turns on the drill, which causes Yukishiro to fly into a panic. He tries to run away but he is deftly locked and secured into place with a restraining belt. Resigned to his fate, Yukishiro tries to calm down and lie still. Opening his mouth, he’s shocked to discover that instead of a drill, Minato has placed a big, pink dildo in his mouth! Whoa! And not just one dildo, but an entire tray of erotic sex toys! Minato stimulates Yukishiro’s mouth with these toys and proceeds to really take charge of the situations in a way I find incredibly erotic. She sweetens the deal but busts out her boobs, letting them spill out and over Yukishiro’s shaking chest. This unique procedure continues and our hero thinks that maybe, this isn’t so bad. I, personally, am three steps ahead of him. This is fuckling fantastic and I so badly want to switch places, ha!. The mere thought of being mothered, smothered, and cared for by a sexy dentist who takes her tits out without so much as a “How do you do” is worth the price of having a plastic dick pressed against your tongue. Noticing his growing sense of calm, Minato brings in a second toy and continues to play around, stretching his mouth wide open to continually violate his mouth until he passes out from the pain of his toothache. When he awakens, he can’t believe his eyes! Still strapped to the table, his shirt has been completely removed and at the full mercy of Minato’s sensual touch. Now, our sexy dentist decides to reveal the final surprise: Doctor Minato is a futanari! Frantic and panicked but still strapped to his seat, Yukishiro has no choice but to succumb to her freaky desires. 

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Of all the content available on eroHero at the moment, Dentist Like A Dream most certainly ranks in my top five of worthwhile reads. It’s a hot and steamy escapade that benefits from evocative character design, sexy illustrations, and a hot female lead who pushes all the right buttons. Apart from the futanari subject matter, watching Doctor Minato take charge and play the dominant role against the submissive Yukishiro is intensely erotic. Furthermore, the way she talks and gives orders does so much to heighten the experience. I’m usually not a big fan of CG sets because I find a lot of the illustrations are overly repetitive. It’s like playing a visual novel and reading through an entire conversation between two characters and nothing really changes in teh character portraits apart from subtle movements and facial expressions. In this case, though, the imagery is so erotic that it didn’t bother me to see the same images reused across multiple screens because they’re just so well drawn. 

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Dentist Like A Dream is sexy, steamy, and satisfying. It has a little something for everyone – big boobs, sexy futas in uniform, foot play, light bondage, pegging, and Dom/sub relationships. And the best part? NO CENSORSHIP! No pixels, black bars, or sex lightsabers to cover up all the good bits! For this particular futanari x male story, you don’t want censoring to get in the way of the action. The CG collection is available at for $7.99 or comes as part of the unlimited access if you subscribe. Don’t sit this one out, futa lovers!

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