Lost In Lust – The Midnight Hour

All right you little shits! Its that time again for another Midnight Hour.

So… tonight I’m going to be we’re gonna be talking about a special tag. It’s probably my favorite tag. This tag is the reason why hentai is so hot… so stimulating… so slutty! Now some of you may already know what I’m talking about. For the ones that are still in the dark, don’t worry I am here to shed some light… and I don’t do that often.

If you’re ready to get started scroll down!

Otome Dori


Tonight, we will be talking about Ahegao! Now, what is Ahegao you ask? Well, look at the picture above… that’s exactly what it is! Simply put it is tongue out, eyes rolled back, mind broken. To be honest, I don’t know what it is. I do know when a woman expresses Ahegao in hentai I immediately ejaculate. It doesn’t have the same effect when girls express this in real life does it. It’s not as Ero.

You’re probably wondering where this picture above is from. It comes from Otome Dori.

Wait! Let me stop you right here. If you are going to go watch Otome Dori tread carefully. Otome Dori is an NTR and a really scary one at that. The main character in Otome Dori should just kill himself, because of what they do to him. I’m not going to say anything else about Otome Dori. You have been warned.. go watch it anyways my little minions.

On to the titles I will be covering tonight…

Baku Ane!

Image result for Baku ane hentai ahegao

Instead of just a picture I’m posting a gif. A picture just can’t do Ahegao justice. The arch in her back, her tongue sticking out, and those eyes going crazy. Her mind is literally lost in lust. It is the greatest thing in the world my minions.

So you know, Baku Ane is a title to has to do with incest. It starts off with our male protagonist, who is a soccer player. We see that he gets injured and returns home to his beautiful four older sister. I’m not even gonna sugar coat this. His four sisters are smoking hot! Now kids, you may need to grab a towel and a bottle of water because this hentai will wear you out!

When our main character returns home his sisters find porn in his bag! This spawns his sisters to give him “the talk” explaining he should be interested in real girls. Then.. yea, you may have guessed it.. his sisters decide to give him a real life experience. This is when they start going at it.

In this episode he only sleeps with two of his sisters, but in the visual novel he fucks them all. Overall this hentai is very vanilla, aside from the incest. There’s no crazy stuff other than just some crazy sex scenes! Definitely a nice little hentai for you to enjoy!


For my last title tonight I am going to cover a hentai that has to be in my top 5 hentais, and should be in yours! If you don’t know this title I’d be ashamed. Don’t fret though, I’m here to take you on this journey to experience Kuroinu!

This hentai has every tag I think that actually matters in hentai. There are elves, dark skin, loli, orc, NTR, giant dongs, gang bangs, forced, and most importantly Ahegao! I’m sure I missed a few tags but let’s get right into it!

There are four, yes I said 4, episodes to this hentai. Don’t marathon this! You really need to take your time and enjoy every episode. It starts off very strong with the world at war. Basically the humans and the demons are at war and some of the humans help the demons win this war. All females have to serve all males in sexual ways.

My favorite episode of the four is definitely episode one. I say that because for some odd reason I find dark skin girls in hentai very hot and attractive. Also, most of the time the dark skin tag is usually always associated with the ahegao tag. It’s always a win win for me when I look for dark skin. Also, did I mention the two elves also get demolished by a group of orcs and men?

Go venture off my minions and search for your favorite Ahegao stuff. There are tons of things out there that are Ahegao and I’d love to hear from you what you find!

That concludes tonight’s review now and remember everyone, Happy Fapping~

~ Tuxedo D.

2 thoughts on “Lost In Lust – The Midnight Hour”

  1. Now THIS is a quality post.
    Ahegao is what got me into hentai because, well, LOOK AT IT. The girl’s faces are always hot as fuck. Some of my favorite ahegao movies are Taimanin Asagi, Bangable Girl, Dropout, and Kedamono-tachi no Sumu Ie de (didn’t know the English title)

    Also, all manga by Alice no Takarabako is required reading for ahegao lovers. I mean, GOD DAMN. Sooooo hawt


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