Tentalces – Monster Girl Monday

Welcome to Monster Girl Mondays! Every Monday we celebrate monster girls with amazing art features.

Tentacle hentai is great by itself  – who doesn’t love a bust lady being ravaged by a horde of tentacles – but it’s even more exciting when you attach a cute monster girl to those slithering appendages! This week we’re featuring some of our favorite hentai of monster girls with tentacles, showing that there’s always room for improvement, even in the wonderful world of hentai! Take a look at these sexy girls below; even if you think that you’re not into tentacles, you might find that you’ve been harboring the fetish deep inside, right next to your love of femdom and bondage!

Artist: ガニマタン

Artist: kenshin187

Artist: ぽち。

Artist: K金

Artist: M.vv

Artist: butter

Artist: faustsketcher

Artist: soranamae

Artist: ittla


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