Tenti’s #1 Trend – Hentai Trending!

A new week means a brand new Hentai Trending! In this series, we get down and dirty with data and find out what people are getting off to around the world.

Tenti designed by XMegantronX

In this edition, we’re going to take a little inspiration from our wonderful new mascot Umichan and her sidekick Tenti and inspect a long-standing popular trend in hentai. Something a little slithery – sometimes forced, other times happily consensual!

Artist: なかどり

I’m sure many of you are no stranger to tentacle hentai, our hentai trend of the week! What is tentacle hentai, for our uninitiated? Well, when a tentacle and a human love each other very much…

Artist: Glo-s-s

While I am mostly kidding, sometimes love actually is a part of the equation with tentacle hentai! This trend is all about women (and sometimes men) having sex with tentacles. There are many variations of tentacle hentai, including consentacles (consensual sex with tentacles!), forced sex/rape, tentaclejobs (tentacles jacking off a futa or a guy), and many more! Monsters tend to be a common theme with tentacle hentai as well.

Artist: Zako

Let’s open the world map and see where tentacle hentai is booming!

This isn’t the first time the Phillipines have taken the #1 spot on the list for top hentai trending countries! You guys must really like your hentai over there! Following closely behind them are South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia to form the top 5 countries with a kink for long and slithery appendages.

Artist: Maritan

Over in the USA (ranked #6 in the world!), things are heating up! Let’s see who takes home the top tentacle hentai trending state.

Idaho brings it home, followed by Arkansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and New Mexico! There’s quite a lot of love for tentacles in Northwest and Midwest United States, but not as much on the coasts.

Artist: ぢぇいぢぇい(^JJ^)


That about wraps it up for this edition of Hentai Trending! What’s your favorite kind of tentacle hentai? Let us know in the comments or tweet us!

Artist: Zako

Artist: yapo


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