The Future of TENGA Is Here! The TENGA Robot!

A bright future awaits us, because we’re about to see the evolution of the onahole into its perfect form! The crazy mad scientists at TENGA have been revolutionizing onahole technology for our pleasure since 2005, and now they’ve partnered with the one and only Good Smile Company to take it to the next level! Introducing… The TENGA Robot!

Okay, so this isn’t exactly the TENGA EGG we all know and love. If you’re not following, TENGA is an outstanding company devoted to developing new technology to help men and women get off! They’re widely known for their evolution of the classic onahole, the TENGA EGG. The TENGA EGG (pictured below) looks like an adorable little egg, but hidden inside is an incredibly soft egg-shaped onahole that wraps around your penis for amazing pleasure! TENGA is also widely known for the TENGA CUP (also pictured below) which is a cylindrical cup with a top that opens up to reveal an incredible onahole inside! Both products come in a huge variety of textures, so there’s almost definitely bound to be one that satisfies your needs! Both products are disposable, and you can typically get a few or a little more uses out of them before you need to replace them.

TENGA’s partnership with Good Smile Company means that we finally get the ultimate TENGA CUP that will stand the test of time! Of course, you can’t use the TENGA Robot as a sex toy, but it will look fantastic next to your other figures! The TENGA Robot appears like a normal 95mm tall TENGA CUP, only it can transform into a full-fledged painted ABS robot toy! It comes equipped with a red hammer and TENGA Beam Gun and will always be by your side, giving you courage whenever you need it! The TENGA CUP’s design perfectly fits the Robot and makes us wonder if this was TENGA’s mad scheme all along – make us fall in love with the sex toy and then build it out as a real toy line! 

The TENGA Robot arrives in December 2018, but you can pre-order it right now through September 20th! If you pre-order it, you can get the first run edition which comes with a third weapon for the TENGA Robot – the MEGA TENGA BEAM! It’s a gigantic beam cannon that looks like it’s even bigger than the TENGA Robot itself. On J-List, you can get the TENGA Robot with the Mega Beam Set for $49.50 or the TENGA Robot without the Beam set for $40 – that’s a steal!

Of course, if you haven’t experienced the magic of TENGA’s own sex toys, then you need to try some for yourself to experience the magic! You can order popular TENGA items like the TENGA EGG Silky, the PREMIUM TENGA VACUUM CUP, or the incredible non-disposable vibrating TENGA FLIP 0 all on J-List!

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