Talk About A Mouthful

I enjoy a growing list of fetishes when it comes to hentai. Chief among them is oppai or, more specifically, bakunyuu and even chounyuu (which roughly translates to big tits, bigger tits, and holy fucking shit those tits are goddamn MASSIVE… respectively.) Second is ahegao, which TuxedoD covered in his exquisite article. Third is irrumatio, which roughly translates to “face fucking.”

Here’s a fun fact: although I’ve seen irrumatio primarily referenced in Japanese animated pornography, it is actually a Roman word that describes oral rape. 

Now, whether it’s animated or live action porn, I love face fucking. Simply stated, it’s hawt as fuck. Facefucking bears some similarity to deepthroating, but unlike the often slow and sensual act, irrumatio is all about pounding a dong in someone’s throat faster than a Formula 1 racing piston. Common phrase that pops up in hentai irrumatio scenes is “mouth pussy” and “fuck me in my mouth pussy” so if you hear any variation of that, expect hot shit to go down. I love it for a couple reasons: dem gagging sounds and the D/s nature of the act. Face fucking in hentai is the greatest because the medium allows these kinds of scenes to get really fucking crazy.

Tell you what, let’s get really fucking crazy. Strap yourselves in as I take you on a ball slappin’ journey aboard the good ship S.S. Face Fuck.

Taimanin Asagi

Here’s an upfront warning: Taimanin Asagi can be a little fucked up. The four episode series involves rival ninja factions trying to kill each other in order to reign supreme. When the leader of the evil ninjas is killed in battle, life returns to normal for Asagi Igawa, our kung fu fighting heroine. Unfortunately, her rival is brought back to life with evil powers and enacts revenge against Asagi through good, hard fucking.

While the series itself is pretty great, I want to call attention to the third episode. Previously, Asagi’s partner Sakura Igawa launched a one woman quest to save her comrade. Unfortunately, she is caught and forced pleasure a gaggle of orc-like monsters. To make matters worse, she undergoes body modifications that make her breasts and nipples absolutely enormous. The beginning of episode three is incredibly erotic as Sakura is passed around her captors as they ram themselves down her throat. In a series that features a bevy of sexual delights, Sakura’s opening scene is a total showstopper.

Kangoku Senkan

Anyone down for a little mind control?

Lieri Bishop and Naomi Evans are two ambitious “comfort officers” that get more than they bargained for when they are assigned to a starship helmed by a disgraced and corrupt military officer. As a result of the grudge he holds against these women, captain Donny Bogan captures Lieri and Naomi and runs them through a brainwashing machines. The result of the “treatment” is that when the ship’s lights change, the officers become horny as fuck.

Kangoku Senkan’s first episode is what got me into this particular category. Like Taimanin Asagi, the throat fellatio is ramped up to 11 as penis pistons pump each woman’s throats with reckless abandon until massive loads are dumped. The series also has great “finishing” scenes as the girls roll in the white, thick fluid for the amusement of their partner. It’s a thoroughly erotic piece of animation that never fails at being great fap material.

I can’t sing the praises of Kangoku Senkan enough. The animation is awesome because of the amount of the ferocity on display and the dirty talk heightens the enjoyable depravity.

Kedamono-tachi no Sumu Ie de

Finally, for those with a love (or love to hate) for NTR, have I got a series for you. I normally don’t care for the NTR genre (too difficult to fap when you’re feeling white hot rage!) I make an exception for Kedamono-tachi because the face fucking scene in episode one is unforgettable. Still, viewer beware: this porno comes with a hard NTR label!

Koharu is the young and innocent girlfriend of Arata Asaoka. Arata’s life is shitty because he’s the illegitimate son of a shitty dad who dumps on him all the time. Arata finds happiness in Koharu, though that’s quickly stripped away when his father has his eyes on screwing Koharu’s brains out–which he does. To make matters worse, Arata’s brother is just as bad as their father, taking time out to have his way with the young woman, too. Events quickly spiral out of control and by the end of two episode series, Koharu becomes little more than a plaything for her new masters.

So why stick around when the story is so terrible? For the scene when Koharu, wearing a skimpy maid outfit, is forced into some post-coital mouth pussy action. What sells the scene is the animation. There’s a great fluid-like nature to the character’s movements, lending the scene a higher state of “holy shit, that’s hot.” I also enjoy how she learns to use the sex lingo the more her inhibitions are stripped away. As fucking hot as this scene is, shit gets dark real quick. By the end of the series, a mind broken Koharu tells Arata to leave the house for good. In his exile, all that’s left for him is to watch the video recordings mailed to him that depict his former wife engaged with hardcore sex with other men.

And on that happy note, it’s time to say goodbye for now! I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed researching it!

Good night and good fap!


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