Taimanin Asagi – Hentai Review

Taimanin Asagi casts a large net in the sea of depravity and pulls aloft a wretched collection of deeply perverted content that makes you wonder about the series’ producers. But it’s also incredibly hot. I mean, I credit this and Dark Love for introducing me to irrumatio as a hentai fetish. It’s not going to be for everyone as it may push against your own limits and beliefs of what sex should be. Taimanin Asagi is a rough ride and there’s no joy to be found in a story about a lady ninja being subjected to various humiliations and body modifications by a vengeful for. That being said, this is a series not to be missed if you prefer something with an edge.

Taimanin Asagi is a revenge story, though not in the way you’d expect. In an alternate Tokyo, humans and demons coexist with an unspoken rule of no meddling from either side. Just like real life however, there are those who flagrantly ignore such rules and formed alliances to advance the goals of powerful corporations and dangerous groups of organized crime. To counter these selfish, unscrupulous groups, a clandestine organization of anti-demon ninjas operates from the shadows to conduct raids and assassinate high value targets. The first Taimanin Asagi series focuses on Asagi, an anti-demon ninja trying to balance life as a sanctioned vigilante and settling down with her boyfriend. Her life is thrown into chaos with the reappearance of Oboros, an evil woman thought dead by Asagi’s Blade but was resurrected after giving herself to demons. Armed with unnatural powers and abilities, Oboros possesses Asagi’s fiancé and uses him to ensnare Asagi in a plot meant to completely break her down and build her up as a demon’s sexual plaything.  

And from there, it all goes to shit. Taimanin Asagi is infamous because it doesn’t hold back or shy away from putting its heroine through some really hardcore situations. Asagi experiences all sorts of sexual punishments designed to turn her into a willing sex slave. First, she’s put through body modifications meant to increase her sensitivity by way of intense tentacle sex. To test the results of this procedure, Asagi is thrown to a group of demons that take advantage of her new body. Second, she’s pitted against an unnaturally strong woman for a wrestling match that ends with Asagi being humiliated in front of a crowd and penetrated by a monstrously huge sexual device. Third, in a scheme designed by Oboros to completely break Asagi’s spirit, she allows a large group of men violate her every orifice while being forced to watch her sister and fellow ninja Sakura (who was captured during a failed attempt to save her sister) raped by Asagi’s possessed boyfriend. Sakura was also put through the ringer, only her body gets transformed with a pair of incredibly huge and engorged breasts, complete with nipples long and thick enough to be stroked and tugged like any other cartoon dick. Finally, both Asagi and Sakura are forced to pleasure Oboros’ elder leader in a competition to see who will get to walk out of the headquarters alive.


Taimanin Asagi is an over the top series and a lot of that extends to its animation style. The demons of the Chaos Arena favor fast, hard sex with tentacles, thick, penetrating tongues, and epic face fucking. Seriously, if you’re the kind of pervert that loves watching monster-sized dicks being slammed into someone’s throat like a fucking piston, then you’re in for a treat. On top of that, the series is absolutely overflowing with cum. Over the course of the four episodes, enough thick monster juice is sprayed to fill up a small house. Asagi and Sakura are frequently covered from head to toe with sticky, white demon cum which makes me feel bad for the poor demon responsible for cleaning up the place. As they are subjected to one sex scene after another, the volume only increase as they are forced to roll the fluids around their mouths (a particular piece of animation that’s hot as fuck) and have a hard time keeping it down. Filthy stuff but also spectacularly arousing if you’re into it.

While I enjoyed Taimanin Asagi, by the fourth episode all this stuff gets exhausting. Even though it’s sexy as all hell and chock full of depraved hentai material, the series falls victim to the whole “too much of a good thing” philosophy. Each episode manages its time well, giving you just enough exposition scenes before jumping into really long sex scenes that are fast, hard, and unrelenting. And while I dig that, especially the dearth of face fucking, I caught myself slipping past these longer scenes during the fourth and final episode. Taimanin Asagi is a great hentai and I recommend you take breaks in between episodes for a breather, maybe drink some Gatorade, and give your hand or other self pleasuring implements a chance to recover.

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