Sweet & Salty – Hentai Manga Review

Do you think an egg roll should be sweet or salty? That’s the question Sweet & Salty, created by Okumoto Yuta, answers while giving us a great story and a very gratuitous sex scene!

The story begins with a beautiful dark-skinned girl from the Kansai region, in very cute shorts and a summer dress that perfectly accents her oppai-assets, greeting her host from Kanto. She was all by herself at night outside the man’s work and he offered her a place to stay – he just couldn’t refuse a woman all by herself, after all!

The Kansai woman has a really cute charm to her – she’s the kind of cheerful clumsy girl you can’t help but find cute. They share some rolled eggs she had made while he was asleep, and they have a playful exchange at the man’s expense when he finds out the egg rolls are salty when he expected them to be sweet like most egg rolls in Kanto.

We get a wonderful glimpse of some boyfriend fashion when the man comes back home from work to discover she had stuck around and asked him to house her for another night. She puts on an oversized sweater of his and, to our delight, neglects pants for an image that’s too good for words.

Of course, later that night, she decides she wants to make a good memory with him, and – this may be a shocker, but the best way she’s decided to do that is to have sex with him! We’re treated to some incredibly well-drawn sex! It’s pretty vanilla with oral from both of the two and some traditional sex, but that totally fits the two characters. The Kansai girl affectionately refers to our unnamed Kanto man as ‘onii-san’ and gives us some wonderful expression in the throws of sex. Onii-san gives us a wonderful gift by having her take the oversized sweater off to reveal her huge tits, and I love how he made sure to use a condom – which fits the protective archetype he’s painted as.

Overall, this hentai is a definite recommend for anyone who loves dark-skinned girls with big boobs and accents – and if you don’t, you should read this because I’m sure you’ll be converted by the end of it! You can read this right now here if you have a Fakku membership!

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