Sweet Fantasy – Eroge Lite? Review

Sweet Fantasy is a yuri visual novel game available on Steam. I’m not a huge fan of visual novels as I’m more of an action gamer and I get bored of the passive clicking while reading a story so I didn’t love this game. I will say the art is very cute. I would call this game an eroge lite because most of the sexy bits were obstructed by random bushes and leaves. I guess that’s what you get when playing on Steam…

The game features a young nymph named Pumpkin who is in love with her mistress and you have to try to help her make the best choices to woo her woman! I was unable to get her mistress to fall for her but I did manage to get a swamp mermaid to get all up in her lady bits. (Also where are mermaid lady bits anyway?)

While I did get a good little chuckle from time to time and enjoy the art… the game has a couple downfalls.

  1. It’s incredibly short.
  2. There is some terrible grammar. See below…

Even though the game has a few pitfalls I would recommend it if you are on a Mac and you have very little options like I did when it comes to sexy visual novels! Although I have a PC now! Please recommend great hentai games for me to play!

Check out Sweet Fantasy on Steam and check out the trailer below!


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