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We know… you love our podcast… and you want to see it grow into something more awesome. How can you help?! Well this page is here to be your guide to supporting our podcast! Below are simple steps to helping 2HQ become even more awesome!

1. Listen to the podcast!

I know… this one seems easy but it’s the main thing you can do to support us! Make sure you subscribe on iTunes and/or follow us on SoundCloud! Make sure to stick us in your ear holes every other week! Or anywhere else really… we love penetrating you.

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3. Tell your friends!

Have friends who love listening to sexy girls talk about hentai? I mean… who doesn’t really? I bet your Grandma would love to listen to this podcast so make sure you visit her and tell her to tell all her senior friends that we are giving a senior discount… everyone she recommends gets to listen to the podcast for free! (She doesn’t need to know that everyone gets to listen to us for free ok?!) Seriously though… share us all over the place! Retweet us! Post about us! LOVE US!

4. Rate us on iTunes!

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5. Donate Via PayPal!

We are currently working on setting up our Patreon that will have cool rewards but until then you can donate directly to us via PayPal! Just click this link and donate any amount! Seriously any little bit will help! What will we do with these donations? Well I’m glad you asked… We will use it to buy better equipment, pay our editor (right now she is working for free and she deserves to be paid!), buy more hentai, buy sex toys to review on the pod, and more! So please! Help us out! 

We really appreciate any support you can give us! It doesn’t matter if it is monetary or not! Seriously! We appreciate all of you and from the bottom of our hearts thank you for being a listener and taking part in this crazy hentai world we create in!