Summer: Inaka no Seikatsu — Hentai Review

I hate summer. It’s hot, I really don’t like sweating, and for three or four months out of the year, I’m just completely miserable. As I spend my nights covered in a wet towel, I think “what good could ever come out of this terrible season?” Well, there is one thing: the ladies. Ladies in bikinis, ladies in tank tops, ladies in almost see-through sundresses. All right, I admit that sounds pretty creepy – I make it a point to not engage in stalker behavior, but truly the only salve to the miserable season is enjoying the view of beautiful women showing a bit more skin. That element is what drew me to Summer: Inaka no Seikatsu. If you make hentai that has a big booby anime girl sweating in a skimpy tank top, well, you’ve already won because I’m going to devour that shit. I was expecting a simple and breezy capable yarn but what I got was an affecting, dreamy story about childhood acquaintances turned lovers. 

Image Source: Summer: Inaka no Seikatsu

At the start of summer break, our protagonist gets a phone call from his aunt asking if he’d check in on their daughter while she and her husband go on an overseas trip. Somewhat pressured into the task, our main character heads out to the quiet countryside to be reunited with his cousin, Hazuki, who has grown up and filled out quite nicely since they last met! Enormous boobs, a thicc body, and hot tan lines are the defining features of this undeniably cute young woman. Settling in, Hazuki comes off as distant but happy to be reunited with her childhood playmate. She helps him settle into his new home for the summer and performs domestic duties like cooking meals. The relation is fairly platonic, though that doesn’t stop my man from sneaking a few peeks at her untanned breasts as they fill out a tight tank top (which, to editorialize, is one of the hottest things a big booby gal can wear). 

They’re relationship changes on one special evening when the MC heard noises coming from Hazuki’s room in the dead of night. Peaking through, he watches as she pleasures herself, proving her nethers with a hungry hand, moaning as she fantasizes about her newest visitor. Taking this as an invite, the MC lets himself in and, rather brazenly, skips the foreplay and goes right to stick his dick in her. She doesn’t protest and accepts him into her body for the first time. The pain is brief but the pleasure is intense as the sexy young couple indulges their base instincts and succumbs to carnal pleasures. This would be the first of many frank, open, and intimate couplings shared by two people who are, technically speaking, cousins. Best summer ever? I’m thinking so. 

Image Source: Summer: Inaka no Seikatsu

Summer: Inaka no Seikatsu is an OVA that isn’t going to make a huge splash on the hentai scene. It’s not a fantasy epic with monster girls nor does it feature giant, horny tentacle monsters. Instead, it’s a realistic summer fling with a taboo twist (does no one care that there’s probable incest going on here?) that I absolutely loved. There’s a whole dream-like experience to the animation, as the listless summer vibe comes oozing from the screen with the slight hazing around the edge of the frame and the continuous symphony of cicadas and other familiar Japanese insects. Enhancing the sleepy dream-like nature of the animation is the limited script. Apart from the aforementioned musical bugs, this is pretty quiet hentai. The male MC barely speaks and when he does, the words are clearly inaudible. The same goes for Hazuki. When she’s not moaning during sex, she’s a young lady of few words. Porn dialog, especially in hentai, is often ridiculous and far too wordy, so it’s nice when the characters just let their bodies do the talking.

Speaking of which, Hazuki is a memorable character with a body that was made for cartoon porn. I looked up the original visual novel the animation is based on and the character design was left intact, meaning that she had great boobs, a fantastic figure, and sexy tan lines right from the beginning. She comes off as a gentle soul who is down to fuck, taking her new summer lover without much provocation or coercion—hell, she often encourages the main character to get into the sex they have with each other. Like the main character, she doesn’t talk all that much but her passionate moans tell everything you need to know how she’s feeling. Although the character doesn’t have too much personality, she lets her body do the talking. One of my favorite scenes in the animation is when she’s lying on her back in the missionary position, her untanned tits bouncing against her rolled-up tank top. It’s cute, and sexy, and I returned to it several times. 

Image Source: Summer: Inaka no Seikatsu

Summer: Inaka no Seikatsu is a vanilla, bare-bones romance that features some pretty great scenes of iron-hot eroticism. It also excels at creating a great dreamy, summertime vibe that makes the action that much more pleasurable to watch. However, what you see is pretty much what you get. Maybe it’s the fault of it sticking to a visual novel with a simple premise but at least there’s no worry of things getting too wild or out of control, sexually speaking. That, actually, would just kill the mood. After all, this is more Legend of the Blue Lagoon than Debbie Does Dallas. With that said, I could see this sort of Hentai not having a wide appeal or just being memorable overall. As it is very inoffensive and nondescript, it doesn’t have anything that’d make you go “Damn, check out this crazy scene!!” I liked Summer: Inaka no Seikatsu, though, if nothing else for the laid-back, easy-going nature of its sexytimes. 

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