Stick It in an Onahole!

We’re half-way through masturbation month so we’ve got another masturbation article for you! This one is for the fellas as us ladies may not have the parts to insert into an onahole unless we are a sexy sexy sexy futa!

What is an onahole? It’s basically Japanese for an artificial vagina that men can use to masturbate. Onaholes aren’t only vaginas though! There are mouth and ass ones too!

There are loads of fun onaholes out there and there are even themed ones so you can fuck a magical girl or your waifu!

They even make a usb onahole warmer! I imagine it gives the toy a warm body feeling. Do you like that fellas?

Have you used an onahole? Let is know in the comments or tweet us!

Don’t forget you get extra J-List points when you order any sex toys all May long during Masturbation Month! 


1 thought on “Stick It in an Onahole!”

  1. I’ve used Onaholes many times. Some are good others are very bad. They definitely not a substitute for the real thing, but they help when you are lonely beats using one’s hand. Now I’m in search for furry Onaholes. And I have a few in my radar.

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