Super Transform!! – Hentai Manga Review

A super hero is supposed to be cool – can he bring a smile to his girlfriend’s face? Find out in ‘Super Transform!!’ created by Survival Knife.

Takeru and his girlfriend Kazane work for an amusement park as actors – Takune is a striking tokusatsu-styled hero and Kazane entertains children in a giant mascot outfit. They play their roles perfectly, but Takeru is troubled by the fact that Kazane only ever seems really happy when she’s in her cartoon mascot outfit! Even after having sex she seems ambivalent. It’s not until their manager imparts some wisdom upon young Takeru in the form of a journal filled with pornography that he finds the way to make her squeal in pleasure…but she seems to not be so into it, kicking him out of her apartment for over two weeks! Takeru comes back to find her angry and ready to take revenge, starting out by dominating him, only to fall for the secret techniques from their boss’s book once more! Takeru’s naive, but heartfelt, approach finally reaches Kazane (and, of course, the amazing sex they have helps, too!) and she smiles for the first time with him. It turns out that Kazane was frustrated with how childish Takeru could be, wishing he’d be more heroic like his character, but she eventually comes to terms with who he is and learns to appreciate him while Takeru himself finally understands that he needs to be a little less like a little kid. 

‘The woman who never smiles’ is always a fun trope, and Super Transform uses it well as the basis for its story. There’s something about wanting to reach through to a partner and make them smile that everyone can resonate with! Kazane is a total raven-haired megane beauty that’s sure to capture your attention in every scene she’s in. Super Transform tells the story through multiple sex scenes, rather than a single climactic one, and every single one of them is a total home run! Kazane’s lewd expressions will drive you crazy and the comedy that’s woven into them with Takeru’s childishness will make you laugh. 

Super Transform is a top-notch hentai that you should read right now! If you have a Fakku premium membership, you can read it on their website here!

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