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Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a pocket-sized waifu you could take everywhere with you? Science hasn’t quite caught up to our desires just yet, but Hentai HQ is bringing you the next best thing with an in-depth look at digital waifus that live in your phone!

This week we’re going to step it up and take a look at an entire game’s worth of hentai! There are so many portable games out there with beauties waiting for you to pull that gatcha and take them home, and today we’re going to look at one you may not have heard about.


Silla is an assist-type light character. She is a free-spirited angel that protects the holy city in the heaven and takes her responsibility as guardian very seriously.

Soccer Spirits is a niche mobile game that’s one part card game, one part soccer (football for our friends outside the USA), and a million parts cute women! It is developed by Com2uS, a South Korean mobile game developer, and they’ve developed other mobile games you may have heard of like Summoners War. The game itself has tons of characters and dives headfirst into the lewd fanservice, so it sure won’t disappoint you in that area.

Artist: Narane

Lilith is a dark-type leader character. A succubus through and through, she can make men squirm with only a subtle movement.

You, the player, are the manager of a team of intergalactic soccer players that you can earn by, you guessed it, spending in-game or real life currency to roll the gatcha wheel of fate. There are so many cute ladies in this game! The art style is very anime inspired and the roster of characters is humongous, ranging from humans to elves to kemonomimi and even has androids, angels, and demons! 

Artist: Narane

Silk is a leader-type whirlwind character. She is kind dark elf who was mistaken for absorbing dark powers and was banished from the forests because of it. 

The gameplay involves you trying to push the soccer ball into the opposing team’s goal. You create a line-up of front/mid/back row players and push the ball up by damaging the enemy players and knocking them out (or passing it like you would normally in soccer!).

Artist: Narane

Beatrice is a striker-type whirlwind character. She is actually an obsidian dragon who has taken humanoid form. She tends to accidentally injure others by hugging them too hard.

This game is a lot of fun and you can definitely get by without spending a penny on it. There are plenty of activities and tons of cute girls to keep your interest. There are competitive aspects of it such as a faux-PVP mode (where you play against other player teams that are AI controlled), and there are plenty of events to keep you coming back!

Artist: coeg

Sammy is also an assist-type light character like Silla. This exorcist is the only human who was capable of joining the angels’ ranks after passing away.

If you’re interested in some of the wonderful women you’ve seen in this article (or, you know, the game itself), you can download Soccer Spirits for free on Android or iOS right now! What character are you hoping to get? Let us know in the comments or on twitter!


Artist: 1782088988

Selena is a trainer that can help support your team! She is the leader of the Galaxy League that your team competes in.

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