Seven Mortal Sins – Review

Okay okay so I know Seven Mortal Sins (AKA The Seven Deadly Sins in Japan) is not technically a hentai but man is it super close and insanely hot if I do say so myself! So if you’re new to the world of hentai like myself or maybe you’re trying to introduce your special someone to hentai, but want to start slower, I feel this is a PERFECT way to test the waters! So here is a little information about the anime to start you off and then we will get into the juicy stuff you will get to enjoy!

(Image source: Funimation)

The series is based on a line of figures by Hobby Japan and its about the fallen archangel Lucifer, who was cast down from Heaven because of her pride. She lands on Earth and meets a girl named Maria and Lucifer gives her some of her angel blood before falling to hell. Then Lucifer meets Leviathan or Levi and she tells Lucifer about Seven Mortal Sins the demon king rulers of hell. After a fight the Seven Mortal Sins seal Lucifer’s powers, Lucifer goes on a journey with Maria and Levi to defeat them.

(Image Source: Hobby Japan)

So now some of the fun stuff you’ll get to see and enjoy includes, panty shots, boobs, ass, boobs, nipple sucking, boobs, oh and some magical future telling boobs.
Sounds great right?! Now it’s not just sexual stuff but there is a lot and it’s great. There is also a lot of moaning too if that’s your jam. Oh and there is a censored and an uncensored version so many sure you find the good stuff!

(Image source: Funimation)

All of the characters are sexy and have such fun personalities. I personally am a fan of Sloth. Gluttony, and Envy but mostly because I relate to them most haha. Oh and lets not forget Lust because clearly all of us can relate to her!

(Image source: Funimation)

I really love this anime and it’s well worth watching! Let me know if you check it out what you think! If you’ve already watched it who is your best girl?

Want to watch Seven Mortal Sins? Check it out on Funimation!

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