Seras Victoria – Rule 34

Continuing with our Halloween theme this week you voted on some seriously frightening women or are even more sexy than they are scary! 

Seras Victoria took the lead by only 2% but she stole your hearts (and maybe boners too) this week! Seras is a vampire who hails from the series Hellsing and she is one SERIOUS badass! You don’t want to mess with her but you just might want her to mess with you. ^.~ 

Artist: Pack


Artist: 健田


Artist: Rag@コミチィア・D-15a


Artist: 白史 [はくし]96


Artist: おはようタオル


Artist: ヒコラー@蘇生中


Artist: Antiviirus


Artist: 詰人


Our next post is getting demonic! Make sure to vote for the sexiest demon below and we will see you next time! 

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