Senshis’ Revenge – Eroge Review

Hey friendos! It has been a while since I’ve reviewed a game but I’m back baby! I spent my holiday break (oh yeah… HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!) playing Nutaku’s Senshis’ Revenge. First, let’s break down the basics:

  • Title: Senshis’ Revenge
  • Price: Freemium
  • Genre: Action Strategy
  • Platform: Any browser that utilizes flash.
  • Language: Japanese VO with English subtitles

You start off the game as a Prince who is speaking to your top warrior. So, of course, your only option is to be a dude. I know it would cause a whole lot of extra work to make lesbian options but I kind of want it to be honest.

They have an excellent game tutorial for the play mode which teaches you how to play and how to take the advantage on the battlefield. It also teaches you how to form your team and raise your heart level with different characters. Which by the way takes forever and SO MANY gifts! Other than those things you’re pretty much on your own to figure out the rest of the game.

The in-game graphics are pretty rough. I expect in-game graphics to be a lesser quality than the character’s full art style but these legit look like something I used to draw on my notebook when I was in junior high.

The character design is amazing when you aren’t in battle and when they are telling the story prior to battle. They are also super cute and they have some seriously bouncy oppai that bounce around when you are changing screens or menues.

You expend stamina while playing through the battles. You can recover your stamina by leveling up, items you get through achievements or as bonuses, or by paying real money.

You can get new characters by beating levels, achievements, bonuses, and the gacha system. You get one free gacha roll a day and all the rest cost premium currency or real money.

You can upgrade your characters through gifts in the heart menu as well as through items which you can forge our of stones you collect while playing through the levels. Forging stones costs coins which is the free currency you earn while playing.

Oh… and of course there is porn just very little of it. You unlock a porn scene by giving a girl gifts to raise her heart to 100%. The first one you do is instant but after that most gifts seem to raise a heart 1% – 2% at a time. With the number of characters you get, unlocking all the porn scenes seems like a near impossible task.

Overall I think Senshis’ Revenge was an entertaining way to spend a holiday afternoon. If you would like to check it out click here!

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