Switch Into Some Oppai!

Nintendo has officially announced a new Senran Kagura title that will be available on the Switch! It’s called Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura and personally? I’m excited AF!

Check out this AMAZING Nintendo Direct by the games producer Kenichiro Takaki announcing the new game! They show you how they are are going to use the HD rumble pack to make the controller jiggle like… water balloons, pudding, or… TITS!

If you watched our North America most recent Nintendo Direct you will realize there is no mention of this. Hopefully Nintendo of America is just trying to be more modest and will quietly release it to us state siders.

They haven’t announced a Japanese release date yet but Takaki has said it will be released in 2017. I’ve been told that it will be a Nintendo E-shop exclusive but I’m hoping we get a physical game if there is no plan to release in the USA so we can take advantage of that region free play that the Switch has brought back!

Want to know more about Senran Kagura? Check out episode 003 of 2 Hentai Queens!



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