Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki – Hentai Review

All of us are looking for love, right? In the case of 45 year old Saiki Yasuo, a Salary Man’s lifestyle is not conducive to a loving relationship. Hence after being divorced by his unsatisfied wife, Saiki finds himself alone and adrift. Unable to confide in anyone about his feelings he carries on with being unfulfilled at his job despite being a fairly prominent and oft talked about department manager. One night, Saiki has an unlikely encounter with a sexy young girl from a nearby school, one that has a bit of a unique reputation. After spending the night with the girl, Saiki gets a new lease on life thanks to a more positive outlook. Such is the power of wild monkey sex!

Sei Yariman is a story of second chances. Well, sort of. At first.

At the beginning of the story, a dejected Saiki meets with Miho Misono, a sexy schoolgirl from Holy Marian Academy, a school that teaches female students to be raging sluts. This is readily apparent by Miho’s behavior as she scouts the crowded marketplace looking for a fella. Cuddling up to Saiki, lollipop in hand, skirt hiked up, the pair talk about the circumstances that brought Saiki to this moment. After a pretty meaningful conversation between two people that just meant, they shack up in a local love hotel and go at it like wild animals. Seriously, for as old Saiki appears, he’s got incredible stamina. I suppose this is what happens when someone is as sexually frustrated as Saiki gets a shot with a hot young thing. In Miho’s case, she is enthralled by the older man’s cartoonishly huge cock and allows him to enjoy her condom free. Both of their individual pleasures fuel a marathon of intercourse that leads well into the next morning. Miho’s absence at school the next day is duly noted by her fellow students, leaving many to speculate that she got caught up in her new client. Miho then spreads the word of Saiki’s prowess and ends up being a popular target for Holy Marian’s sultry and sexy students. In Saiki’s case, his new supply of constant sexual activity gives him renewed vigor at his work where he becomes the confident man he used to be.

And that’s where things get a little strange.

One night, Saiki finds himself harassed by a gang of hoodlums who look like they stepped out of Final Fight. Prepared to be beaten, he is rescued at the last moment by Rei, another young woman from Holy Marian’s Academy. A dark-skinned tomboy, Rei easily takes out all of the hoodlums in a pretty neat display of animated hand to hand combat. As thanks for being spared a beat down, Saiki buys Rei dinner and the two of them talk about her life at school. He mentions his encounters with Miho and the other girls, waxing on about how they are incredibly promiscuous. This comes as a bit of a revelation to Rei who seems rather naive (which seems a little strange for someone who beat up people not too long ago). This is where Saiki goes from being endearing to creepy: without provocation, he whips out his phone and shows a high school student photos of him having sex with Miho. To cut a long story short, Saiki goads Rei into having her first sexual experience despite her misgivings. What’s more, as Rei grows more comfortable with him in their sexual relationship, Saiki escalates things by taking her to sex clubs where he whores her out to strange men for 10,000 yen a pop. It’s such an odd turn for the story to take and it paints Saiki as a conniving manipulator instead of that sad old man we were first introduced to.

During the sex scenes, the show uses an exaggerated and elaborate animation style that skirts the line of sexiness and goofiness. It also has the effect of making the animation look like a series of short loops and not as smooth as other series reviews on this site. But if watching limbs flail around and boobs that defy the laws of gravity, you’ll be duly entertained. On the plus side, the scenes with Miho offer up some great ahegao faces.

There’s a companion series that focuses on nonconnected stories with other female students at Holy Marian called Shin Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki and Sei Yariman Sisters Pakopako Nikki.  Enkou Nikki doesn’t offer much of story and instead is a non-linear, standalone show that features different girls getting sexed up in different scenarios. The male character resembles the old man from the Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki but it’s never certain to be the same one. Sister Pakopako Nikki is completely unrelated as it involves a young man named Kenya moving in with his relatives to be close to college but ends up being gobbled up by his cousins Saki and Maki. So if you were hoping for the continued sexual escapades of Saiki and the girls of Holy Marian, you might be disappointed.

Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki is a series that starts strong but ends up taking an odd turn that, while sexy to watch, didn’t do a whole lot for me as a plot point. On the whole, though, this didn’t do a whole lot for me. Sure the sex scenes are fun to watch and I love the ahegao faces but by the time it’s over, you’ll feel like the whole thing was a bit of a shrug.

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