Secret Legacy – Hentai Manga Review

A young man finds out his grandfather left him a little more than just a house in the hentai Secret Legacy by Satsuki Neko!

Motoki is a young programmer with a recently deceased grandfather who left him his huge house and everything in it, but he finds out that there was something a little extra that came with the house! His grandfather had a mistress, Hozumi, who he had taken in and given a place to live. Motoki is initially unsure how to handle this and even considers just giving the house to Hozumi after she makes an advance on him, not wanting to pressure her like he thought his grandfather had done.

It turns out that Hozumi, despite her advances, is a woman with a huge submissive streak! She show him his grandfather’s secret room filled with all sorts of fun bondage toys and convinces him to just give it a shot. Motoki is still apprehensive at first, thinking less of his grandfather for using her like this, but as he toys with her he begins to discover his dominant side and sees how much Hozumi loves what he does to her!

Secret Legacy takes a typical bdsm story trope of using and abusing a submissive slave and turns it into a much happier story. Hozumi was well taken care of by Motoki’s grandfather, while at the same time told that she was nothing but a piece of house furniture that exists to be used by its owner! That’s a line that’s guaranteed to get anyone into bondage going, and Secret Legacy really delivers with quality sex scenes and a great variety of bondage play.

Secret Legacy is a must-read for bondage lovers, and you can catch it right now on Fakku right here with a premium membership!

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