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Are you ready for another pocket-sized cutie? That’s right! Portable Hentai is back to bring you the best in hentai of portable video game characters. This week we’re going to dive into the wonderful world of the Fate franchise created by Type-Moon. Specifically, we’re going to look at a beauty from Fate/Grand Order, a mobile game that takes place in an alternate universe from the main series.

The summonable servants of Fate/Grand Order are all based on actual history, legend, and mythology. Any famous character could be summoned, and today we’re going to look at a servant from Celtic mythology.

Artist: 御姐汁

Artist: しりー*日曜東レ43b

Meet Scathach, a Lancer class servant from Fate/Grand Order. Wouldn’t you love to see her take a spin around that pole for you?

Artist: Helther

Scathach is an immortal warrior queen that guards the gate to the Land of Shadows, a horrible place filled with the undead.

Artist: FI-san

She is said to contain immense power, both in rune magic and spearmanship. It’s said that she can assess the strength of anyone with just one of her eyes – do you think she can assess a man’s dick size underneath his clothing?

Artist: 雪代あるて

In her life, she became the mentor of Cu Chulainn, another famous Lancer from the Fate series, and he was one of the few people that caught her eye and was deemed worthy of her. Hmmm….

Artist: 紅茶( 色)味覺

Her final tale is a bit of a sad one. The world she guarded became cut off from the world. Being unable to die, she existed alongside the undead that inhabited the Land of Shadows throughout the course of history, hoping for one day that the world would end and take her with it. She could use a good cheering up! There’s plenty of amazing things to live for in the world, Scathach!

Artist: 冥酱-爱神

If you want to save Scathach and protect her, you can summon her as your Servant in the mobile game Fate/Grand Order, available for both iPhone and Android!

Artist: ひみつ

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