Do You Wanna Do Lewd Things With Sapphire 1 – Review

Do You Wanna Do Lewd Things With Sapphire 1 is a short manga on Fakku by Boosh.

The story starts out all chibi and  Sapphire gets hit by a magic spell from a floating penis that makes her want to do all sorts of lewd things!

Image Source: Fakku

After Sapphire has been taken over by this naughty spell she continues on to get fucked by several men in all of her holes. It’s super sexy!

Image Source: Fakku

I really like how the manga is drawn and how you never seen any of the guys. It keeps the mystery alive! This manga is a dōjin featuring Sapphire from the Japanese mobile RPG game Last Period. Check out this preview of it here:

As far as I know you cannot download this game from the American mobile phone app stores but if you have any Japanese accounts or you are located in Japan you can download it!

Want to see more of Sapphire getting down and dirty? Check out Do You Wanna Do Lewd Things With Sapphire 1 on Fakku!


1 thought on “Do You Wanna Do Lewd Things With Sapphire 1 – Review”

  1. Fakku has killed it regarding their releases. I wish I could get away with a sub. Bosshi is one of my favs as is F4U ( his artwork is so positive and sexy, it’s so much fun to look at). Right now, of the books I’ve purchased, Non-Virgin by Oda Non is absolutely sublime. It’s full color and the artwork is as brilliant as it is sexy. I can’t recommend it hard enough!

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