Overboard Santa Girl – Hentai Manga Review

This Santa loves to cum and give gifts – though they may not be what you asked for. This week’s Hentai Manga Review is on Overboard Santa Girl by Nokoppa!

Imagine spending Christmas alone, away from your friends who are all with their girlfriends, and after turning in early for the night you’re awoken by a hot woman in a santa outfit! This would normally be a wonderful surprise, but it turns out that our Santa, Seina, has a penchant for playing with the butts of cute men. She tied you up and begins to go to town on your anus with all kinds of toys! A night of wonderful play time is followed by our Santa treating you to the incredible feeling of her bare pussy wrapped around your dick as she fucks your brains out and then slips into the night – not before leaving you with a little present in your butt while you’re still tied up.


Overboard Santa Girl is the perfect fusion of hentai and comedy. Seina could make any man rock hard (or make any lady drench her panties!) in her skimpy santa outfit, and our protagonist’s cries and surprise at her playing with his anus is both hilarious and sexy at the same time. The story is left open for interpretation as to whether Seina is actually some sort of mystical Santa with a bag of anal toys, or if she’s just a woman who loves to dress up on Christmas and rob men of their anal virginity! 


Why wait until Christmas? You can read Overboard Santa Girl on Fakku with a premium membership right now! 

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