Samus – Rule 24 Round Up

You have spoken so it’s time for another Rule 34 post and this one couldn’t come at a better time! Samus is back! She’s coming to the 3DS in Samus Returns and Metroid Prime 4 has been announced!

While these games are going to be super fun I know you’re looking for something a little more… naked… hot… wet… and dirty… and I am here to provide! So here are my favorite Rule 34 Samus pieces! Enjoy!


Artist: Tomodeux Animations

Artist: Sciamono


Artist: PixalTriX


Artist: Creaturecandy


Artist: N-H


Artist: Norasuko


Artist: Dandonfuga


Artist: kataAoyoc


Artist: Reiq of Jiggly Girls


Make sure you go to the artist pages tagged below the images to check out even more amazing work from them! Also don’t forgot vote on the next Rule 34 article on Twitter!


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